Watch out for SUV tire slashers in town!

Watch out for SUV tire slashers in town!

The environmental group is reducing the tires of SUVs on the capital’s streets to fight car pollution.

Since the end of July, An environmental group is taking advantage of the darkness of the night to wipe the tires of SUVs parked in the capital., whatever the engine. Other cities would also be affected.

When the deed is done, SUV spoilers leave a mark of their passage through a small note on your windshield. They explain that the target is not you but your car,” the second source of the decade’s global increase in carbon dioxide ». They also invoke the safety argument, that an SUV is still more dangerous to them than a city car or a sedan.

SUVs have become popular in recent years. Manufacturers are constantly changing the range of new SUVs. Even brands like Ferrari or Lotus are getting into SUVs.

The anti-SUV movement born in England

Last March, we were talking about the first equal collection across the Channel. This is includedTire Extinguishers». Since then spread in France and in other countries as well, such as Belgium or Sweden.

If some Internet users support the plan, others are very angry. There is no evidence that SUV owners do not depend on their vehicle for their work or health. Some even talk about a green dictatorship.

In France, it is considered a duty to prosecute the fact of deflating the tires of a third party’s car: damage to the property of others. Worse, the situation can be worse if the driver does not see the condition of his tires and gets into an accident. Sanctions can range from fines to community service. In some cases, there may be jail time.