Warehouse finds.  Spring capture opportunities!

Warehouse finds. Spring capture opportunities!

Each year, many warehouses get headlines, either on the automotive media or on social networks. This makes it possible to satisfy all lovers of famous cars and ordinary sports cars. So between two packets of chocolate, If you want to get a nugget to restore, we invite you to follow the slide show …

>> The best ads in pictures <

From 1925 Citroën Clover…

Adjustable Peugeot 202 (1938)

Clearly, French women are the majority in this “barn treasure” market. These popular designs (low price, high production) could not fit in the mind. Sometimes they belong to the same family for several generations before being sent under a garage (in the best case) or garden.

Renault Rodeo 5
peugeot 205 gti front
Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9

See Citroën Trèfle 5HP from 1925, which looks very weak on its thin tires. It will require full restoration to regain its original glory. The stylish Peugeot 203 Bétaillère, Renault Rodéo 5 Teilhol to the beach or the beautiful Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 are just waiting for you (and your wallet) to regain their original glory.

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… for the Ford Galaxie and its V8

vw samba then stay ahead

Volkswagen Westfalia Bus (1971)

Many other nuggets are hidden on the site Good corner. Specified ads like this Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 and its V6 Busso can make you dizzy. For € 2,000 of course, but the work being done promises to be great. Americans are also celebrating with a copy of the 1966 Ford Galaxie and Lincoln Continental for sale.

alpha 6 red front
Alfa Romeo Alfa 6
datsun 220c front
Datsun 220C

Among other results, there is also the Volkswagen Polo 1D supported by a Combi that looks “out of the barn” in the photo. The choice is huge and interesting. Be careful though. Some contracts, though tempting, may turn out to be a pittance. And before you invest, do not forget to know about the availability of parts so that, in turn, you do not put your most recent purchase in the corner. Seeing so many nuggets can make you lose your mind!

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