Wallonia closes its roads (or almost)

Wallonia closes its roads (or almost)

The Walloon region partially eliminates the night lighting of part of its main axes. Details.

The quest to save energy continues. In Belgium, it is the region of Wallonia (south of the country) which announces the disappearance of highways from 10:00 to 5:00 in the morning.. Spread over three days, this measure agreed by Sofico – which operates the network – is in full force from this Wednesday evening.

“Strictly speaking, turning off the lights […] it refers to the middle part of the road, namely the 20,000 points that have already been updated out of 25,000” it notes. Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir. Note that in the UK, the term “median berm” refers to the grassy area between two carriageways. On the other hand,Hazardous areas, intersections or entrances and exits will still be bathed overnight under the orange glow of LED lights..

Partial disappearance… and mind

Known for the complete lighting of the road network, Belgium has already adopted smart lights, and the possibility of turning the masts on or off depending on the time of day or traffic density : “At the intersection, the light is already reduced by 50% from 10 pm to midnight, reports Le Soir. If the car passes, it increases to 70%. From midnight to midnight, the light is reduced to 30% and increases to 50% in the event of a passing “

The announced action can also be reversed: “Everywhere in the network, the light can be returned to the intended path, in the event of special conditions that require: winter rain, emergency response, accidents, construction sites, and so on. explains Le Soir. The Walloon government has announced a trial phase of 3 months before generalizing the measure.

A similar measure was adopted in 2011 in the Flemish Community (in the north of the country): street lights were halved in the name of energy savings and the fight against light pollution. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has also blocked miles of highlighted axes, even going so far as to remove street lights.

“We are living in difficult times and reducing energy consumption should help reduce the effects of the problem we are experiencing. The reflection that was made focused on the safety of road users and the time chosen to turn off the part of the light is in the shortest time of public transport explained the Walloon Minister of Climate, Infrastructure, Energy and Mobility, Philip Henry.

According to Sofico, which operates 2,700 km of road in Wallonia, the measure should save 400,000 euros of electricity per year, taking the average price of 2022 as a reference.

Photo: CHRGermany / Wikimedia Commons

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