Waker-class is launched in “PSO2: New Beginning” : Hu3br

Waker-class is launched in “PSO2: New Beginning” : Hu3br

See how hard it is to keep up with MMOs? at the end of June I wrote the script about the new location of Phantasy Star Online 2: A New Beginning and the “Frozen Resolution” update. I flashed it and SEGA tells me: “Hey, here’s a new class!”. Calm down people.

The class is the first in New Genesis to have the ability to summon vessels: Fredan, Wulfen and Quince. Fredan is used for long-range attacks, while Wulfen is dedicated to “melee” combat and Quince acts as support. The difference between them is that Fredan and Wulfen use Photon Art while Quince is a “weapon move”.

The most interesting thing about the class for me is the “focus” system, a bar that, when filled, can be used to combine Fredan and Wulfen’s attacks into a main attack. It was a good time PSO2: New Beginning had more “complex” classes.

Another addition that seems to come directly from my criticism of the narrative is the inclusion of new quests that expand the stories of the NPCs and protagonists of New Beginnings. Whether it’s a big gap between the next major update or not, I still don’t know, but anything at this point is better than trawling through the three available locations to pick out random enemies.

The full list of changes is available on the official website of PSO2: New Beginning. The video below gives an overview of what to expect this week and the rest of August: