VW Passat (B3) Harlequin: Bieder station car is eye-catching

VW Passat (B3) Harlequin: Bieder station car is eye-catching

In the United States, an individual sells his Harlequin Passat. In addition to the exterior image, the interior design is also impressive.

The VW Passat was not really a car for experienced drivers, especially not in the early 1990’s. In Germany, Volkswagen has always been popular as a station car and valued for its internal features. Easy handling, reliable technology and good positioning are the goal here. Noah Terkeurst from Carroll in the state of Ohio in the United States was clearly not good enough – which is why he modified his 1992 Pass3 model B3 in a subtle way.

Rims white, colored dress

The car is currently on sale on the social networking site Facebook. In the ad, the owner writes that the Passat is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted a car that turns heads on the street. Perhaps this is less due to the 17-inch Turbomac rims than the colored ones, because the appearance of the station car imitates the Polo Harlequin, which VW originally built as a publicity in the 90s. Because customer demand was high at the time, Volkswagen decided to create a special series and produced approximately 3,800 copies of the colored Polo 6N. It was important that two areas of the same color never lie next to each other. There were four random systems in total, which customers could not choose at the time of purchase.

Noah Terkeurst and Patrick Lang

Exterior similar to the color: carpet of children’s room in the interior.

Aside from the appearance of a harlequin, the Passat is an unmanned vehicle with over 300,000 miles per hour. However, the retailer wants to be proud of $ 10,000 (approximately 9,480 euros) for a two-liter petrol engine manual in GL equipment. What remains to justify this asking price is the updated interior. It includes a carpet design on the road that we probably all had in our children’s room. Okay, and there is also a practical roof box.

While you are currently considering whether you should strike, you can check out a few very unusual Harlequin designs in our slide show, which we have definitely collected for you.

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Much helps? In this case, many colors should help to turn the staid VW Passat B3 into a real eye-catcher. And yes, that worked for sure. Nice note: carpet of children’s room in the interior. Still, $ 10,000 is a lot of money for the 1992 VW with over 200,000 miles per hour.

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