Volvo’s future begins with the C40 Recharge

Volvo’s future begins with the C40 Recharge

Author: Sergio Dias

You who follow this column every week Hello Rondonia he knows that we always get to know and evaluate different cars, from different brands, made here in Brazil and imported.

Of the nearly 40 brands that sell cars in this country, one that would definitely have a model in our garage is Sweden’s Volvo. And now we had the opportunity to know and evaluate the 100% electric crossover C40 Recharge.

When we talk a little about crossovers here, a brief description about this type of car: they are models made on the basis of a passenger car with modifications to get the characteristics of an SUV.

The Volvo C40 Recharge that we evaluated is sold in one version, starting at R$410,950.00 and equipped with two P8 AWD – AAll Wheel Drive electric motors, which produce 408 horsepower and 660 Nm of torque.

Previously, a novel on how to start a car: The Volvo C40 Recage does not have a start button. When the driver gets in with the key in his pocket, fastens his seatbelt and selects the gear in position D, he is ready to go. To turn it off, just put it in P and get out of the car.

Equipped with electric all-wheel drive and an advanced 78 kWh battery, the car offers a range of approximately 440 km on a single charge. And with the fast charging system, the battery charges up to 80% of its capacity in 40 minutes.

It is worth noting that freedom can vary depending on the places where the car travels, and many climbs, for example, and especially the driver’s behavior. You should learn to drive a 100% electric car, to get the best – including its freedom.

As for the best performance that the Volvo C40 Recharge has, its acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is done in just 4.7 seconds, with a limit of 180km/h. The Swedish manufacturer Volvo has set this speed limit for all its models in 2020.

Another feature to help drive a 100% electric car is the Single Pedal Drive, which can be operated inside the car and make acceleration and braking more practical through a single pedal. In other words, to accelerate, just press the pedal and, to brake, just go to reduce your foot and the car will stop according to the force exerted. Once you use this function, the energy regeneration becomes better, and even expands the freedom.

The C40 Recharge crossover has an amazing design, with its open air covers and rear spoilers, which in addition to bringing a futuristic look, help in aerodynamics and freedom through less air resistance. Rounding out the look are its large five-spoke alloy wheels with contrasting raw-polished aluminum and gloss black finish.

Inside, its seats, steering wheel, upholstery and gear lever are 100% without leather. The carpet surfaces are made from recycled PET bottles and the Topography decorations are made from recycled plastics.

On top of the Topographic decoration, it has vivid details in topographic map shapes, derived from the Abisko National Park in northern Sweden.

Another attraction is the panoramic roof, which extends from the rear seats to the front seats. With high-tech fixed black glass with IR coating, it increases comfort in all weather conditions, helps reduce external noise, reduces glare by up to 95%, offers 99.5% UV protection and blocks around 80 % of solar thermal radiation.

The C40 Recharge is equipped with the Google Car Services multimedia system, which connects the car with Google’s most advanced features. The Assistant can control the temperature, set your destination, play music and podcasts, and send messages, all with voice command, without taking your hands off the steering wheel. In addition, it has over the air (OTA) updates, leaving the system always updated with the latest version.

Without a combustion engine in front, the C40 Recharge has a front luggage compartment, as well as a rear trunk of 413 liters, which also has electric opening and closing with free work of hands – just pass your foot under the shock. that the cover opens or closes.

The Volvo C40 Recharge offers the most advanced driving assistance, such as a modern 360-degree camera that, together with Cross Traffic Alert (CTA), with automatic braking, helps and avoids collisions when exiting and entering parking spaces . It also has Lane Departure Warning System (LKA) and Blind Spot Warning System (BLIS).

Another technology is City Safety, which detects pedestrians, cyclists and large animals and can brake and even steer to avoid or reduce a collision.

This car is equipped with Pilot Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which has sensors and cameras that monitor roadways and a system that controls acceleration and braking, helping the car to move, for example, when turning. open it. curves on the highway, as well as controlling the distance of the car ahead.

Also with safety in mind, the C40 Charge has a Maintenance Key, which allows control of the speed limit through programming with the master key. Therefore, when using it in a car, the established maximum speed is excluded and the car works as planned.