Volvo XC60 and XC90 get performance and new battery;  see the price

Volvo XC60 and XC90 get performance and new battery; see the price

The goal of Volvo is to convert its entire fleet to 100% electric models by 2030. To take another step in this direction, the Swedish brand has just launched in Brazil. line 2023 of XC60 and XC90 duo. And the novel is similar in high energy efficiency and hybrid set. SUVs are more powerful, but without increasing the price.

Outwardly, the two people of the prepaid service have not changed at all. It continues the beautiful design of the 2022 line. Featuring LED-lit headlights and a “Thor’s hammer” look. And for the lights that climb the poles. To complete, the large alloy wheels make the appearance of the models more attractive.

However, the novel of the 2023 line is in a hybrid system. Changes came in freedom and performance. At first, it’s worth noting that the XC60 and XC90 share the same turbo 2.0 T8 engine with electric motor.


the power of sports

The combustion engine now produces 317 hp of power (from 320 hp) and 40.8 mkgf of torque. However, the electric motor jumps from 87 hp to 145 hp – a 65% gain in maximum power. In this way, the combined power is greater, with 462 hp – previously, it was given 407 hp. That is, now the duo has sports power. In contrast, a muscle car Chevrolet Camaro It has a capacity of 406 horses.

But that’s not all. The torque of the electric motor has also increased. It went from 24 mkgf to 31.5 mkgf. Thus, the combined torque reaches a powerful 72.3 mkgf. As a result, SUVs tend to be smarter, especially in sprints and acceleration. It is worth noting that, since it is a plug-in hybrid, in 100% electric mode the torque is faster, which gives more agility. According to Volvo data, the XC60 accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds.

Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrid

new battery

In addition to the performance advantage, the new XC60 and XC90 bring 62% more powerful batteries. Now the package has a capacity of 18.8 kWh. This improves the range of SUVs in electric mode. The XC60 now reaches 78 km on electricity alone (73% gain), while the XC90 reaches 71 km (+61%). Previously, the ranges were 45 km and 44 km, respectively. That is, it is possible to run every day only with electricity.

With a more electric range, Volvo Cars estimates a 50% reduction in CO emissionstwo In the sky. The brand announces new battery construction technologies, which now have three layers of cells. Therefore, it provides a large storage capacity, but at the same size.

Volvo XC60 plug-in hybrid

“Volvo Cars will be fully electric by 2030. Here in Brazil, our entire fleet is already hybrid or electric, we are sales leaders in this segment and we are investing in urban and road infrastructure to enable people to get models.”, explains Rafael Ugo, Marketing Director at Volvo Car Brazil. And more: “We will have a new battery factory in Sweden”, highlights João Oliveira, managing director of operations and innovation at Volvo Car Brasil. According to the executive, the plan is not to rely on suppliers, in order to avoid effects such as the shortage of chips that is hindering the industry at the moment.

First impressions

The test launch of the new Volvo XC60 and XC90 was on Ruta 40, in Patagonia (Argentina). Even on slippery and snowy roads, SUVs provide the safety you expect. But one thing is new. In XC60 it is possible to drive with only one pedal. “One Pedal Save” mode allows you to use only the clamp. After releasing the pedal, the system initiates deceleration and energy regeneration. It works like a car brake.

XC90 plug-in hybrid

Beauty and content

In addition to the smart finish, which combines modern materials such as eco-leather and brushed steel, the Volvo SUV duo’s main attraction is a showpiece. With a vertical layout and 9 inches, it brings together many systems, such as audio and climate control (four-zone digital air conditioner and purifier), for example. Thus, it eliminates physical buttons, which are few in both SUVs, and makes the dashboard cleaner.

But it’s Google’s Car Services system, with its connected network of apps and services, that makes the difference. Using Google Assistant, drivers can issue voice commands without taking their eyes off the road – and their hands on the wheel. The assistant can, for example, control the temperature, set the frequency, play music and even control features in the connected home. It is possible to turn on the lights at home through car technology.

XC60 plug-in hybrid

More security and modern technology

In the Inscription, R-Design and Polestar versions, the two also have a 360º camera system. They make parking operations easier in any environment. Another interesting thing on board is the Head Display, which also increases safety behind the wheel and prevents distraction. With it, data from the instrument panel (12.3″ digital) is projected onto the windshield, that is, it makes it unnecessary to take your eyes off the road.

The list of accessories, by the way, is huge. It has, for example, an induction smartphone charger, parking assistant, air suspension and five driving modes. We were even able to use the “snow” function in this first contact with SUVs. And it’s the hand on the wheel, after all, that improves grip and response on slippery surfaces.

Another interesting system is Ready to Drive, which notifies you if the traffic ahead is moving and the driver has not yet left. However, Emergency Stop Aid does the opposite. If the driver does not react to any collision alerts, he will apply the brakes with full force. In addition, the XC60 and XC90 continue to recognize pedestrians, cyclists and animals. Check out the prices and offers of the Swedish brand’s two luxury SUVs below:

Volvo XC60

Text Expression – BRL 399,950 (still 2022 line)
text – BRL 429,950
R-Design – BRL 439,950
T8 Polestar – BRL 466,950

Volvo XC90

Text Expression – BRL 509,950
text – BRL 553,950
R-Design – BRL 563,950

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