Volvo V40 vs hopeful cyclist?  Brutal punishment!

Volvo V40 vs hopeful cyclist? Brutal punishment!

There is no need to relaunch the eternal debate on coexistence between road users, by referring back to back duties. When a person knowingly endangers himself, on two or four wheels, the punishment can be severe. This impatient cyclist, on a mountain road in Spain, paid the price. The result is fortunately much lower than it could be.

Reflex, very strange, unfortunately is common among the number of drivers. By car, on two wheels, motorized or not… most road users cannot stop with another vehicle in front of them. Although the traffic flow is fluid enough and the speed is already high, it is for others to pass at any cost! Even if it means taking all the risks on a path that doesn’t lend itself to it.

On this road to Spain, indeed on the downhill section, impatience leads this cyclist to take all the risks to overtake a Dacia Duster that seems nervous. It’s true that finding yourself behind a car taking up a full width and dangerous lane and topping out at 40km/h is a scary thing when you’re on a bike. Especially on a route that you know like the back of your hand, and that clumsy driver breaks your average or worse: denies you the local record (KOM, for those in the know). But never, never, do not make a pass on a bend, without being seen, without a chance … by finding yourself in the wrong direction. There, everything was connected to the end on the bonnet of the Volvo V40 that arrived at the front.

Expensive street poker

Fortunately, the penalty is less than one might fear. The cyclist can still brake but cannot avoid hitting the front left of the station wagon, before ending up on the ground. More fear than harm: hematomas, contusions and / or dislocations will leave him with strong memories. For the vehicle involved, the results are limited to minor physical damage. And of course it’s a big fear, for both sides.

Remember that a cyclist is fined €500 for dangerous driving. For those who think their risk-taking concerns are theirs alone, a reminder is important. For the fine amount, it will be necessary to add at least a new short and a new cap. An opportunity, too, to remember that wearing a hat can prevent the trip from a permanent visit to the local cemetery.