Volvo Trucks offered to train ten female HGV drivers

Volvo Trucks offered to train ten female HGV drivers

To combat the severe shortage of truck drivers affecting France and Europe, recruitment is targeting women. After launching his “Iron Women” program to train women in the driving profession in Peru and South Africa, Volvo Trucks is preparing to take it to France, first in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

This training will be done in collaboration with Duration of RAS and its “Agir Au Féminin” program, which has already trained 200 female drivers across France since 2020.

About ten women will be hired and trained. The search and management of education and finance will be provided by RAS on a temporary basis with financial participation from Volvo Trucks France. The first drivers will start operating in May 2023.

Joint information meetings will be organized to meet the candidates and, on the programme, project presentations, theoretical and practical tests and motivational interviews. Selected and trained drivers will contact employers during on-the-job training sessions.

Training will be done with immersion sessions in the company. Between November 2022 and May 2023, applicants for the permit will follow training approved by the Ministry of Labor including C and CE permits. Advanced modules for described driving (dockside, coupling, tarpaulin, etc.) and a full day of training to drive a Volvo car with a Volvo instructor are included in the program.

This approach is undoubtedly a way to deal with the shortage of drivers in France, but above all it is a strong step of our CSR policy. Women drivers are praised by our customers and their qualities and skills, sometimes unlike men, are especially valued. Women have their place in various fields of transport. Through this approach, we also want to encourage women to start or change professions that they did not think they were legitimate for. “Explain Marcus HorbergPresident of Volvo Trucks France.