Volvo, the protagonist of electric |  Volvo

Volvo, the protagonist of electric | Volvo

It was in 2017 that Volvo launched its first electric model in Brazil, the XC90 Plug-in Hybrid. At that time, what attracted the most special media was the fact that a large and luxurious SUV accelerated like a sports car and consumed fuel with the scarcity of a popular hatchback.

But his gesture goes beyond the technology behind energy efficiency. Its launch was the first step in Volvo’s bold electrification plan for Brazil. Since then, the brand stopped selling cars with only a combustion engine, installed nearly a thousand charging stations in cities across Brazil and brought its first 100% electric model to the country, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric.

Quite the thing, isn’t it? But Volvo, it seems, wants to go further. The next innovation is already knocking on the door and will arrive at the beginning of 2022, with the implementation of fast charging electric corridors (about 40 minutes) that will connect the main cities of Brazil.

It is the largest investment in fast charging infrastructure ever made in Brazil, which reinforces the leading role in the electrification of cars that Volvo took on that day, since the arrival of the XC90 plug-in Hybrid on the local market.

In practice, Volvo’s plan will allow owners of 100% electric vehicles to travel with greater peace of mind between major urban centers.

In total, there will be five phases of implementation connecting the highways connecting the capitals and other important cities of Brazil. The first will be operational in April 2022, covering 3,250 km in 13 corridors – and will connect São Paulo, the capital of Brazil, with cities such as Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Uberlândia. (MG), including Baixada Santista and the northern coast of São Paulo.

“We intend to connect all of Brazil through electric corridors”, says Rafael Ugo, marketing director at Volvo Car Brasil. “We are leading the change because we believe in electric vehicles and this significant investment we are making supports everything we believe in.”

Recharging points will be strategically placed at stations and convenience areas, providing safety and convenience. That way, the driver and passengers can take time to stretch their legs, eat food and drink a cup of coffee.

But, in fact, you can’t even be misled, no: each stage will be able to charge two cars at the same time, through fast chargers of 150 kWh. In it there is a car like Recharging the XC40 Pure Electricity reaches 85% full battery charge in less than 40 minutes!

And, as with nearly a thousand charging stations (11kWh) spread across all cities in Brazil, charging is free and will be available for all types of vehicles.

Looking to the future, now

You thought the news was over? He was wrong: along with the announcement of the biggest investment in the fast payment network in Brazil, Volvo made another equally bold announcement: XC40The SUV which is the gateway to the brand’s models, will only be sold in a 100% electric version.

“We are the first brand that had the courage to make a move of this magnitude. We are taking our flagship product and making it fully electric,” says João Oliveira, senior director of operations and innovation at Volvo Car Brasil.

According to the executive, this reflects the brand’s belief that electrification is the key to sustainable mobility. “Leaders must take action and, for Volvo, electrification is not a part or an addition to the range, it is a reality. Anyone who comes to Volvo, gets the future, now”.

The XC40 Recharge will only be sold in a 100% electric version – Image: Volvo