Volvo promotes safety and quality time for parents and children with the ‘Come Later’ movement

Volvo promotes safety and quality time for parents and children with the ‘Come Later’ movement

During this “Back to School” period, a particularly stressful period for parents and children, Volvo will give all its employees a time allowance on the first day, to ensure that everyone arrives at school without haste or accident and that the children are also safe. of full commitment to parents on this important day for everyone.

“Come later” is the name of Volvo Car Portugal’s initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the need for safety and stability on this special day and challenges all companies in Portugal to join the initiative.

The Swedish brand notes that according to ANSR’s 2021 accident report, more than half of the accidents are largely due to stress, and around 25% occur in the morning hours. The drive to reach the destination and the anxiety of knowing that time does not stretch and that there are hours to fulfill, regardless of what happens around us or the needs of those around us, are some of the reasons mentioned.

If there’s ever a day when this stress is evident, both on and off the road, it’s the first day of school. In this way, Volvo wants this year to be different and that is why it is launching a movement #come laterembracing the big challenge of: Giving more time to get to work, and making the first day of classes safer next year.

“The destination is important, the job is important, but the most important thing is the journey and doing it safely. In this way, Volvo will allow its employees to arrive later on their children’s first day of school so they can be together in less time.” that is very important and so that they can travel to work without haste and in complete safety”emphasizes Volvo in a statement.