Volvo offers its customers a ‘life guarantee’ on its spare parts

Volvo offers its customers a ‘life guarantee’ on its spare parts

No one has to pay twice for the same part of their car. In view of the power of this investigation, the manufacturer of the premium car Volvo has placed a “life warranty” on its spare parts in France.

This offer, unique to the market, applies to all customers operating in the Volvo approved network. The “life warranty” deals with defects when the actual Volvo portion was purchased and posted on the approved network after January 2, 2022, at the time of submission of the selection invoice comprising parts and functions.

“Life Guarantee” for Volvo Genuine Parts Spare parts purchased and installed from Volvo Authorized Network from January 1, 2022. Non-transferable warranty, valid from date of purchase of the component until car owner change, when submitted by car owner. vehicle invoice for purchase and work, issued in his name by a member of the Volvo approved network, and paid. Warranty does not apply to batteries, software not related to replacement parts, utility equipment, wear parts, replacement parts, actual Volvo equipment and replacement parts under manufacturer’s warranty. More information

Any applicable part, excluding wear parts, changed after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty and from the use of this software, will be reimbursed free of charge by the “life warranty” of Volvo spare parts, regardless of mileage. , no time limit. This also takes care of the corresponding job.

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