Volvo, its “media” and its factory of the future

Volvo, its “media” and its factory of the future

Volvo will invest one billion euros to upgrade its historic factory in Torslanda. The main purpose is to press large aluminum parts to improve profitability and production speed.

Investments have been going well in Sweden recently. While the battery manufacturer Northvolt plans to allocate 3 billion euros with Volvo on the development of energy storage for tomorrow’s electric vehicles, the Scandinavian brand announces today. a massive new one billion euro envelope for its historic factory in Torslanda.

Large aluminum parts

Until now, Volvo (like other manufacturers) produced larger parts of aluminum by connecting smaller pieces, like a puzzle. From now on, Volvo is preparing with a “mega media” that will allow the casting of large aluminum parts in one go. Simple and light assemblies that will give a little more freedom to the designers and especially time (and therefore save money) for Volvo in production. The manufacturer announces for example that this large machine will be used to make the floors of the next electric cars : sensitive part, since it is this that takes the battery pack. Added to the problem of integration is that of stiffness, which is greater in the “one-piece” section.

The Torslanda factory, opened in 1964, has undergone many modifications since its inception. The 60 and 90 series Volvo will soon be “carbon-free” and its electricity production, with an annual production of 300,000 cars. However, it will soon share its operations with Volvo’s first American plant, which is preparing for the arrival of the new XC90… shown in the image accompanying this article.

Posted on 02/08/2022 Updated 02/08/2022