Volvo Coupe C40, an iconic SUV

Volvo Coupe C40, an iconic SUV

Posted 6 Feb. 2022 at 11:00

One hundred kilometers per hour was reached in less than five seconds… That pushes more than a Ferrari Testarossa from the 1980s! Moreover, without noise, without producing CO emissions2 and in the comfort of a quasi-limousine. Based on the general architecture of the XC40 SUV, this C40 Coupé is distinguished by a less rectangular and more attractive silhouette, especially from the rear three quarters, and its gently sloping roofline, without compromising space. The intelligence we get with driver aids that are never intrusive and well-balanced. Ditto for the use of the multimedia screen, which is based on the Google interface – we’d like to see it adopted by all. And then there is the road, very pleasant on the wheel, thanks to the operation of great precision, the stop that ensures and debris that partially erases the weight of the battery, without damaging the padded atmosphere. Budget: more than 60,000 euros for an offer with high-quality equipment and 408 hp under the hood; either on top of the basket alongside the Tesla Model Y, a partially appointed competitor. Something to think about.

Good move for a lovely three-spoke steering wheel. © DR


We appreciate the good-sized screens with readable graphics and ergonomics very useful for navigating there without delay, welcoming seats (Swedish signature) but also a steering wheel with three voices and not two, as unfortunately we see from more often. . And finally the silky leathers, optional depending on the finish… Despite its rock’n’roll side, the C40 does not make fun of us and remains a real Volvo. Good work.

The design of the rear lights with bold graphics.

The design of the rear lights with bold graphics.© DR


There is something very sculptural, graphic, even hypnotic about the design of the rear lights. Volvo’s refreshing freedom, just like its huge rims.

A nice surprise

Under the hood hides a trunk of 31 liters that handles the charging cable without any problem, which often we do not know what to do to store it quickly after use. In the same order of useful and practical considerations: the door bins and the center console do not reduce the number of storage spaces. Bottle, smartphone, wallet… Everything finds a good place here!


Freedom on long journeys. Despite the batteries of good capacity (75 kWh), the coupe only takes you quietly for road steps of 250 to 300 km. The reason? Its breathing line is unfortunately not the most aerodynamic, and usability suffers.


Volvo C40 Recharge Twin First Edition

Power: 408 hp.

0 to 100 km/h: 4.6 sec.

Height: 4.44 m.

Freedom (mixed cycle WLTP): 441 km.

Consumption (WLTP combined cycle): 20.8 kWh/100 km.

Price: 62,250 euros, excluding the ecological bonus.

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