Volvo: Canada’s only electric car in 2023 |  Vehicle News

Volvo: Canada’s only electric car in 2023 | Vehicle News

Volvo was one of the first companies to announce that it would only provide an electric ship a few years ago. For us, it will be next year where the company has confirmed that all the cars offered and sold here will be electrified in one way or another. So we are talking about hybrids, hybrids and complete electronic models.

Additionally, they will all take advantage of the software built into Google, the company has confirmed.

All over the world, the company aims to achieve the same goal by 2030 as it aims to reduce carbon emissions by 2040.

Here, the lightweight Volvo hybrid models benefit from the brake energy recovery system. However, this is not enough for them to operate in all electrical conditions, but the contribution of the electric motor means that fuel consumption is reduced.

Of course we will find hybrid examples of plug-ins. And since this year, they are offering more and more electricity. With the S90 Recharge sedan, for example, we recently drove about 70 miles[70 km]in electric mode before seeing a gasoline engine.

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And, of course, we will be entitled to all electronic products such as Recharge XC40 and Recharge C40. More are coming.

Regarding Google’s presence, we will see it expanded through family products in 2023. All features include voice command assistant, Google Maps navigation and Google Play Store for additional apps. The multimedia system that will cover all Volvo designs from 2023 will be able to receive updates on air.

The 2023 Volvo models will appear silently on retailers starting this summer.

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