Volvo C40 Recharge Twin 408 hp: the brand’s first electric coupé [Essai] – Cars

Volvo C40 Recharge Twin 408 hp: the brand’s first electric coupé [Essai] – Cars

It is pleasant to drive, solid in appearance, not without some elegance, it is directly inspired by the XC40 which inherits the technical platform and, within a centimeter, of the size. The similarity disappears at the level of the facies and the redesigned grille. On the top floor, the silhouette of the coupé with its roof reduced by 6 cm stands out: the glass strip that is more inclined, the roof line that is more and more sloping.

Style is more powerful. The new LED light signature contributes to this. On board, we find a responsive digital instrument cluster and a Google multimedia system with a 9-inch touchscreen seen on the XC40, not to mention a powerful and pleasant Harman Kardon audio system.


The old Scandinavian brand has always had a good taste to distinguish itself by the quality of its modifications and its manufacturing, rarely by the fantasy of its interior. The C40 is no exception. Apart from the covered steering wheel, the original animal skin has disappeared. In other words, no more leather upholstery! For the seats, they are covered with cloth or microfiber. And finally, if the reclaimed material of the cabinet is not more attractive than before, no one is offended as the finish remains attractive.

A more sensible variant

With one electric motor per axle, the 4-wheel drive C40 develops 408 hp with a torque of 660 Nm. Its power is easy to control, it provides an electric start and an impressive acceleration for a machine that weighs 2.2 tons in standard. Unlike others, Volvo does not offer a la carte driving mode or regeneration.

With its significant battery capacity of 75 kWh, the C40 Recharge twin offers a theoretical range of 441 kilometers (WLTP cycle). On the highway loop and expressways, our consumption came out to 22.1 kWh per 100 km, which gives a range of 330/350 km. A little short.

Technical paper

Two electric motorsThe power of concentration : 408 hp.A couple : 660 Nm.Mixed use : 441 km declared, 340 km on average.Battery : 75 kWh useful.Onboard charger : 11kW (AC), 150kW (DC).Height : 4.44 meters.Height : 1.87 m.Height : 1.59m.Weight : 2,185 kg.Chest : 413 / 1205 l.

Driving is convincing and stable. We appreciate the lightness and precision of its operation, the good balance and the efficiency of the stop. The powerful C40 Recharge comes with an 11kW AC charger and a DC charger with up to 150kW: class average.

It costs 55,000 to 60,000 euros to get a Volvo electric coupe. A single-engine, two-wheel drive 231 hp version has recently been added to the list. It is characterized by greater financial availability and increased freedom. For that matter…