Volvo C40: 5 reasons to buy and 5 reasons to avoid the electric SUV |  one planet

Volvo C40: 5 reasons to buy and 5 reasons to avoid the electric SUV | one planet

O The C40 is Volvo’s second electric car in the world. The coupe-looking SUV landed in Brazil a few months ago and is starting to hit our streets. Priced at R$419,950, it has few direct competitors – the closest price is the “brother” XC40, R $ 20,000 cheaper.

two examples sharing the platform with the mechanical assembly. There are two electric motors, one on each axle. For C40, they deliver 413 hp and 67.3 kgfm.

It is listed in the paragraph below five reasons to keep a new Volvo in the garage and another five reasons to avoid the C40 (I must admit that this was a difficult task).

Volvo C40 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h faster than XC40 — Photo: Disclosure

It is predictable that any car with more than 400 hp will have performance as one of its main features. And the C40 is no different. That’s a lot Its acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h is even lower than that of the XC40 – 4.7 seconds, against 4.9 for the standard SUV. The difference can be explained by the body’s more aerodynamic function.

THE speed, as in all current Volvo cars is limited to 180 km / h.

The dashboard of the Volvo C40 has a piece that refers to a garden in Sweden — Photo: Disclosure

Volvo is one of the first manufacturers to distribute leather in the interior of its cars – C40 is the pioneer of the brand in using alternative and recycled materials.

But that doesn’t mean the cabin is more modern. The evaluated unit had part of the blue carpet and seats with upholstery like Alcantara.

In addition to looking modern and elegant, it also brings novelty to the door coating: clear embedded details inspired by Abisko National Park, in northern Sweden. When it is dark, the pieces are illuminated, giving a beautiful effect.

The blue carpet and the absence of leather are good highlights in the Volvo C40 — Photo: Disclosure

O The C40 shares several features with the XC40 – and visual inspiration is one of them. But the musician goes further and represents a change in Volvo’s signature design. So much so that the XC40 itself began to adopt the C40 headlights in the 2023 line-up.

The two start to differentiate in column B. That’s it The ceiling of the C40 is falling, creating a coupe style with a smoother and longer tone. Because of that, the back is completely different on the two models.

THE The C40 flashlight invades the trunk lid and has the strongest characteristics. In general, the design is more messy.

The Volvo C40 differs from the XC40 from the front doors – Photo: Disclosure

The most modern electric cars have easily overcome the “barrier” of 400 kilometers of autonomy with the WLTP cycle tests. Although in real life the range is low, now it is possible to make small trips without worrying about being on the road without a battery.

In the case of the C40, 78 kWh batteries promise a range of 444 km – it is quite enough to go from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro without having to stop.

To bring the comparison closer to reality, considering that Brazilians travel an average of 15 thousand kilometers per year, it is possible to go about 10 days without having to plug the Volvo into the socket and that freedom.

The Volvo C40’s multimedia center is powered by Google’s original system – Image: Disclosure

Volvo started in the XC40 a a new multimedia center that uses Google’s original system. Therefore, instead of connecting through Android Auto, the driver logs into his company account and can access the app store directly.

In addition, the smaller footprint eliminated the start and parking brake buttons.

safety record, The C40 also brings a series of electronics. There is a lane departure warning with steering adjustmentpedestrian and cyclist detection, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

1- Visibility of the rear window

Prolonged falls on Volvo C40 roof damage driver’s visibility – Photo: Disclosure

Some coupe-style SUVs managing to prevent the nuisance of deterioration of the view caused by the collapse of the roof for a long time. This is not the case with the C40. With a narrow window, seeing what is going on behind the Volvo is not an easy task.

At least there are a number of cameras and electronics available.

2- Space in the back seat

Headroom is limited in the Volvo C40; The central tunnel also prevents more comfort — Photo: Solution

Another sensitive issue for coupe SUVs is head restraints for those traveling in the back seat. In the C40, passengers over 1.80 m who go there probably shave their heads on the ceiling.

One an additional nuisance is the raised central tunnel. This problem usually exists in combustion cars with rear wheel drive, as the cardan usually passes there. In models that were born with the proposal of being an electric car, this ends up being a problem.

In general, however, The wheelbase of 2.70 meters ensures good space for feathers of four occupants.

The Volvo C40 has no start button, drive mode selector or parking brake button – Image: Disclosure

As mentioned above, Volvo deleted a number of keys from the C40 in the name of a smaller model. But others are not. It’s a case of drive mode selector. Now, there is only one possible fix.

Another function that has been deleted and that may be missing is manual search for radio stations (yes, not everyone listens to streaming music in the car). Scanning is done automatically and it may take some time for the frequency you like to be found.

Finally, although the multimedia center allows software downloads, Unable to download Waze, for example. So, if the user insists on using the app, he will have to do it on his mobile phone.

The Volvo XC40 Recharge costs less than the C40, but has the same set of engines — Photo: Disclosure

If appearance is not the main reason for purchase, The request is to save R $ 20 thousand and put the XC40 in the garage. at the end, The two models are practically identical in terms of equipment, specifications and mechanical assembly.

Time C40 is sold at R$419,950, XC40 P8 is sold at R$399,950. Both have a power of around 400 hp and a range of more than 400 km.

If the budget isn’t quite enough, the XC40 still offers a new entry option, the P6. It has one electric motor instead of two. Therefore, power, torque and freedom are low. But the price is also: R$ 90,000 more than the cheapest, and the list price is R$ 309,950.

ok this a a point that deserves reservations for any electric car, not just C40. The charging infrastructure in Brazil is still sparse and there are few fast-charging facilities – especially outside the big centers like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Even in big cities currently available locations are becoming busier while electric ships are increasing in the country. The solution is a huge investment in the network – which the manufacturers themselves have made. Volvo itself promised to install the fastest devices in Brazil by the end of the year.

The Volvo C40 is offered in Brazil in one version – Photo: Disclosure

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