Volvo and Epic Games promise Unreal Engine in electric cars

Volvo and Epic Games promise Unreal Engine in electric cars

More realistic graphics should land on Volvo electric cars. This Wednesday (01), the car manufacturer announced a partnership with Epic Games and said that it will use the power of Unreal engine in the new generation of human machine interface (HMI).

Game developer like Fortnite will help Volvo build a platform that will improve the way drivers interact with their cars. According to Thomas Stovicek, Head of User Experience at a large Swedish company, security is one of the fundamental foundations of this unity – a characteristic for which the company is most recognized.

Stovicek says that the idea is that the information captured by the external vehicle equipment is provided by the image engine and becomes “messy”, it improves how those who drive interpret data from sensors, cameras, radar and so on in the on-board computers, for example. In this account, featuring Thomas, elements such as lighting, color and 3D animation are used.

“The unreal engine gives us the ability to create high-quality, responsive visuals that we can play with and inject information into, create realistic representations where necessary, all those kinds of things.” In addition, the new mode will improve other features, such as vehicle autonomy and battery life.

Unreal Engine, the graphics engine from Epic Games, will come to Volvo electric cars, the automaker has announced.Source: Volvo / Parenting

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It is not yet known when or which versions will hit the market with Unreal Engine. Either way, Volvo is the first European automaker to join Epic Games in the automotive industry, and the studio is more than committed to expanding its solutions beyond entertainment.

“From an HMI point of view, an engagement point of view, of what sports features can do for the driver and passenger experience, the latest hardware in the latest cars has made this step very attractive,” agrees Heiko Wenczel, head of the Detroit lab of software developer. Fortnite.