Volkswagen’s new CEO has an electric alternative

Volkswagen’s new CEO has an electric alternative

In early September, the CEO of Porsche will at the same time lead the Volkswagen group. It is not yet clear if he will choose to leave Porsche or if he only has a short time left at the head of the group, but one thing is certain, his strategic plans will be different from those of Herbert Diess.

The current CEO of Volkswagen will resign one month after four years in power. With it, the German manufacturer came out of Dieselgate and was able to use its large investment program to launch a new 100% electric range that is already made up of three models (and soon a fourth with ID Buzz).

A far from obvious challenge that has also caused many obstacles: a delayed and delicate launch (ID3) and a difficult relationship with unions and shareholders. Herbert Diess seemed to stay here, but now it will be with Olivier Blume that another electric success will continue.

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Protector of synthetic gasoline

However, the guide is subject to change. As journalists of TechCrunch, Olivier Blume is not as outspoken on electrical matters as Herbert Diess. One works at Porsche and participates in a great ideological struggle to develop e-fuel, and the other swore by the example of Tesla – without hybrids or hydrogen.

Olivier Blume has contributed significantly to Porsche’s strategy to invest in renewable fuels, also called “synthetic gasoline”. Based on hydrogen and carbon dioxide, these new fuels are following significant production growth. At the beginning of April, the manufacturer made a new investment of 75 billion dollars to support the goal of full scale in 2026.

Next year, a life-size test will be shown during the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Using a racing car, especially in an endurance event where energy consumption is important, will certainly serve to put the process in the spotlight. At the same time, the production rate will increase from 130,000 liters to several million.

Of course, Porsche is fully invested in the transition to electricity. Olivier Blume can be proud to have successfully developed and launched the Taycan, a 100% electric sedan with more sales than the legendary 911. In the future, the Cayenne and Macan will follow. To raise capital, Porsche is also preparing to leave the Volkswagen family and list itself on the stock market independently. Busy schedule.