Volkswagen will make changes to the MEB platform to upgrade its electric vehicles

Volkswagen will make changes to the MEB platform to upgrade its electric vehicles

The Volkswagen Group will bring major improvements to the MEB platform. Architecture used by electric batteries only. The changes that the German manufacturer will make to this platform will increase independence, reduce payment time and improve performance.

The SEM Platform
It is the “heart” of new generation electric cars Volkswagen Group. The architecture designed for only electric battery cars has been determined so that, for example, the Volkswagen brand itself can give life to an identity. currently comprises a large number of models. In addition, this platform is also used by other Group brands, such as Skoda, Audi or CUPRA.

Volkswagen Group, under the pretext of being a global symbol of electronic mobility, has decided to make significant changes to this platform. Architecture that in the short term will be the mainstay of the product version of many companies that make up this automotive forum. The The number of electric vehicles, not just the Volkswagen brand, which uses the MEB platform is growing rapidly..

Volkswagen Group will make improvements to the MEB platform for electric vehicles

Improvements that Volkswagen will make to the MEB platform

Volkswagen Group’s second electric cars will provide excellent performance thanks to changes to be made in the MEB platform. The company has confirmed its intention to introduce a whole series of improvements that will allow it to implement the reform of the current platform. Reforms that, from the end-user perspective, will result in more autonomous electric vehicles, reduced charging time and better performance.

Reports published by Volkswagen Group indicate that improvements to the MEB platform will allow the following electric vehicles to reach up to 700 kilometers of independence.. Charging power of more than 200 kW has also been highlighted, which will significantly reduce the standby time of recharging the battery. And last but not least, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in approximately 5.5 seconds for all-wheel drive vehicles.

The company has not specified in detail when we will start to see these improvements. However, there is a strong possibility that designs that we can already find on the market, such as the Volkswagen.4 ID or CUPRA Born, will benefit. We’ll have to wait for its future renovation or directly by entering a completely new fashion scene.

The MEB platform supports all family identity structures. Volkswagen electric cars

New Volkswagen electric cars for 2025

On the other hand, the Volkswagen Group has taken the opportunity to prove it again what will be the next examples that will join the ID family. Volkswagen. The most recent member who entered the scene has become a Volkswagen brand. Buzz. Looking forward to the coming year of 2025, the production version of the Volkswagen ID will see the light. Life with Volkswagen Aero B, two models that are called to take on a major role in their parts.

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