Volkswagen will launch an electric truck with a faulty SUV in the United States

Volkswagen will launch an electric truck with a faulty SUV in the United States

Volkswagen will launch two new 100% electric cars in the United States. The Group Management Board has confirmed the decision of the Management Board. These two cars will be a pick-up and a rough SUV (“Rugged SUV”). They should allow the Volkswagen Group to strengthen its position in the North American market. In order to produce and sell them, Volkswagen will rely on a name that can impress American patriotism: Scout. Developed by the International Harvester in the 1960s and 1980s, Scout cars were a precursor to the US commuter market. Their appearance is still found in current picks such as Ford Branco or Rivian R1t electric.

The first models were launched next year

Volkswagen plans to start production of this pick-up with this powerful SUV in 2026. Deadline away, but the German manufacturer has already released an overview of the silhouette of these two cars. Cars that will be designed, manufactured and manufactured in the United States for US customers. Volkswagen has announced that it will unveil the first prototypes next year, which will form the basis of their series production. They will be based on a new technical platform concept. A concept intended to bring new reliability to take with R-SUV beyond the existing Volkswagen Group cover. The group expects to sell up to 250,000 vehicles of this type on the US market each year.

Strengthens the position of Volkswagen Group in the United States

For Volkswagen Group, the launch of these new models aims to strengthen its position in the North American market. One of the most important markets for the growth of electric vehicles. To the Chairman of the Management Board Herbert Diess : ““ The power supply provides a historic opportunity for the Group to enter a very interesting part to take with the R-SUV. “Success in this area is a key factor in increasing the Group’s profits in the United States. wake.

Re-launch of Scout, a popular brand

To increase its chances of success in the US in the take-off market, Volkswagen will rely on the Scout brand. Name of off-road vehicles manufactured by International Harvester, a manufacturer specializing in consumer vehicles and pick-ups. In the 1960s and 1970s, various Scout models were the lower predecessors of future SUVs. Volkswagen may use the Scout name because its Traton (Man, Scania) truck unit purchased Navistar in 2020. This American truck manufacturer owns the Scout brand name. A brand whose aura in the Atlantic will be an undeniable material in a struggle that promises to be fierce. If it turns out to be promising, the electronic pick-ups market really arouses a lot of jealousy. Ford even seems to have stepped forward with its F-150 electronics, where more than 200,000 copies have already been stored.

The creation of an independent company

In fact, the use of the Scout brand will lead to the creation of this year a company based in the United States. A company engaged in the design, engineering and production of pick-ups and R-SUV for the US market. To Volkswagen AG Chief Financial Officer Arno Antitz : ““ The company we will create will be a separate unit and brand within the Volkswagen Group and will be managed independently. This is in line with the new management model within the Group. Small units that work fast and can access our technological platforms to take advantage of the interaction “Volkswagen Group will invest around 100 million euros in the new brand. It may also seek external funding through investors or IPOs.

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