Volkswagen Virtus car review: a reminder of the lost history of the beautiful sedan

Volkswagen Virtus car review: a reminder of the lost history of the beautiful sedan

A child with colored pencils will draw a car with a trunk. Perhaps that is the easiest way to explain the importance of sedans. And although we can all agree that over the past decade SUVs have lost their popularity and dominated sales and garage charts, sedans are still important. Fortunately, we see that this situation is escalating. Sedans, like the lowly man who stands in the 12th round after a terrible blow, come back with those products that make us smile. Volkswagen complied with the plan and decided to bring Virtus to India. Vento’s successor and sister of Skoda Slavia. So what does he care about, does he have what it takes to carry the burden of repairing a forgotten part again? We dig.

Volkswagen Virtus. (Photo: Anirudh Sunil Kumar /


During our experiment, we were able to get our hands on the 1.0 liter TSI version and the 1.5 liter GT version.


Virtus’ general style speaks volumes about its presence on the street. For the sedan, the car has prominent muscle lines along the shoulder, as well as a hood with bumpers, and the result is a sedan that is sure to turn a few heads. The GT replacement gets a black rim and a red brake cuff. Also, the roof is black and who has ever complained about the black roof? There are several very interesting colors, including the cherry red you see here which is just amazing.

Now Virtus is similar to Slavia in bone. But on the plus side, Volkswagen has managed to maintain a distinct and unique silhouette. We appreciate that. Virtus is the tallest car in its segment with an impressive 179mm clearance, a bonus section for difficult city trips and off-road simulations.

In the background, the sports items continue in the form of smoking back lights and a black spoiler. Features of the games further distinguish the GT from the smaller Virtus. It gives a sense of speed that will greatly attract participants.

Volkswagen Virtus. (Photo: Anirudh Sunil Kumar /


The TSI variant is the entry point and industry that can be reached beyond the Virtus column. In terms of design, the car is everything that the GT is, with the exception of the black part and the red part. However, it should be noted that whether it is GT or not, Virtus will be able to attract you from every possible angle.

Volkswagen Virtus. (Photo: Anirudh Sunil Kumar /


It has been said before and I will say it again, Volkswagen’s interior never fails to impress. The Virtus interior is no different from the old Volkswagen cars we have seen. The story is still German, with high quality, interesting and finished.

Volkswagen’s decision to deviate from the current style of dashboard with a floating and floating information system should be called bold. Instead, the car has a square-shaped air vents, an elbow elbow with keyboard terminals, and a driver-linked information system. To complete the technology, the car comes with a 10-inch touch screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wireless. The driver has a fully digital toolbar that allows you to read important data without unnecessary congestion.

Volkswagen Virtus. (Photo: Anirudh Sunil Kumar /

Virtus also has a large number of features. Among these, it is important to mention the wireless charging and direct sunlight. There are also ventilation chairs, which can be more powerful in our opinion. But the story of a typical sedan does not end with the front row of seats. In the background, Virtus gives us the effect of a sedan hitting the SUV segment in terms of space. Legroom is generous and headroom is also more than enough.

Training performance and quality

Now polo was popular with many people and Vento preceded Virtus. So, it would not be wrong to say that he has a lot of shoes to fill. Starting with the GT variant, which has a petrol engine more than 1.5 liters, which produces 150 hp and 250 Nm of torque. However, beside the engine, this variant only comes with a 7-speed DSG that gasoline lovers already adore. We’ve seen the same engine on the Polo and Vento, and the features that made it so popular have been transferred to Virtus as well. The 7-speed DSG has proven to be a passionate unit that prefers to stay in top gear. At 80 km / h, the car accelerates rapidly in seventh gear, maintaining revs at 1600-1700 rpm. However, the effect of the low-speed rubber band seen in its predecessors has been removed and the car is more forgiving at low speeds. The power supply is smooth and a top speed of 190 km / h does not appear as a remote claim.

Volkswagen Virtus. (Photo: Anirudh Sunil Kumar /

Now the TSI 1.0 liter is the most widely available variant and comes with a manual and torque converter option. In our time, we ran a torque converter, considering that this is also where the brand expectations lie. In itself, the TSI 1.0 liter turns into a stabilizing engine. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. It is also an excellent vehicle-driven variant. Compared to the GT, the TSI may be a little slower, but it is as fast as any other car on the road.

On the open part of the road 1.0 liters can not hold others on its tail, but it proves to be an excellent travel machine where you can drive smooth on a thick spread with medium torque. Add to that the torque converter that does not hesitate to push the revs on the red line leaving a few marks, and you will get an exciting car.

Volkswagen Virtus. (Photo: Anirudh Sunil Kumar /

Virtus feels good in most cases, but on the deepest pits the sound is audible but not obvious. The steering, on the GT with 1.0 liters, got a little light to my liking and would encourage me to be more confident if you were heavier.


Going against grain is not something to be taken lightly. The wave of SUVs no doubt dominates. But the fact that it came at a lower cost of sedans soon may be a thing of the past. Sedans are back. And if Virtus is any indicator of what we can expect from experienced brands like Volkswagen, then I’m happy.

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