Volkswagen to paralyze part of the Polo factory, in ABC

Volkswagen to paralyze part of the Polo factory, in ABC

Volkswagen will offer a collective vacation to the mining experts of the Anchieta division, in São Bernardo do Campo, in ABC Paulista. The suspension of the assembly line, where the Pole comes from, is due to the lack of semiconductors.

According to the ABC Steelworkers Union, about 3,000 of the more than 8,000 workers will take a collective leave on June 27. The break will last 10 days and the workers’ return is scheduled for July 7.


We contacted VW, who confirmed the release of the break. According to the German, the reason for the suspension is due to the lack of semiconductors and affects the production of models like the Polo.

Volkswagen affected by the crisis

In May, 2,500 workers stayed at home, between the 9th and the 28th, mainly because of a lack of parts. The Anchieta division is responsible for the production of Polo, Virtus, Nivus, Gol and Saveiro models.

We asked Volkswagen if other plants in the group will also be affected by the same measures, and the São José dos Pinhais (PR) plant, where the T-Cross SUV comes from, but we did not get an answer.

polo in the hot seat

In fact, Volkswagen has followed the lead of other manufacturers and used semiconductor transmission in more profitable models. And for that logic, polo suffered.

T-Cross is the main VW product in 2022, with more than 26 thousand licenses, according to Fenabrave.

The brand has prioritized the production of the T-Cross, which is the fifth best-selling model in 2022, with 26,563 licensed units, according to the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distributors (Fenabrave). In the chip queue, Nivus is also lucky, which recorded 13,744 licenses this year.

Polo was given only 1,770 licenses from January to May, below Virtus (2,372 units) and veteran Gol, which has 14,172 vehicles, but does not rely on electronics like its more modern sibling.

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