Volkswagen Taigo (2022).  On the first urban board SUV-coupe

Volkswagen Taigo (2022). On the first urban board SUV-coupe

[Mise à jour le 27/01/2022] After reading it from every angle during this first meeting in the studio, we could not wait to be behind the wheel of new volkswagen taigo. Made with an in-depth Taigo TSI 150 test, followed by the first comparison with the leader of urban SUVs, Peugeot 2008:


After the madness of SUVs, that of the coupe SUVs? More and more manufacturers are putting this body function in their ranks… with some delay for irritation! It took seven years for Mercedes to decide to emulate BMW, which launched the movement in 2008 with its X6. Today, the calendar of new things is growing rapidly. Renault has launched an attack with its Arkana, and Volkswagen is preparing to launch two in 2022: ID.5, 100% electric SUV, and Taigo. After T-Cross and T-Roc, it is the third-largest urban SUV of the German manufacturer. But the latter reflects the silhouette that makes it a unique model in this unit. Discover this stranger in photos and videos.

Low and long taigo

Taigo is a cousin of Nivus, model sold since 2020 in Brazil. It is also at the center of domestic style that the German owes his lines. This Coupé SUV, known for its sloping roof and sloping rear window, is based on the MQB-A0 platform, same as for T-Cross and Polo. This has only been added since the alien, and its 4.27 m, is 16 cm taller than its “little cousin” and even 3.2 cm taller than the T-Roc. On the other hand, from a height perspective, Taigo is the lowest in the band with 1.52 m while its counterparts are 5 or 6 cm tall. Finally, in terms of wheelbase, Taigo fits between two brothers with a height of 2.57 m.

Taigo is 4.27m tall. It is longer than T-Cross (+ 16 cm) and T-Roc (+ 3.2 cm).

From a fashion standpoint, Volkswagen puts gambling on ribbed bonnet, large front bumpers consisting of a gap grille and, depending on the finish, false ventilation (R-Line finish) at the level of vertical fog lamps. These are not available at the entry level finish, such as Matrix LED lights, which increase the light band between the optics.

Matrix LED lights are typical of two out of three fines on the list (Style and R line).
volkswagen taigo lighting belt
The Matrix LED lighting option adds a light strip between the optics, which is not available in the basic version.

This signature is also found in the background with no finishing variations or materials. The lights are in two parts, a symbol of space higher than the T-Cross. On the finish of the R-sporty Line, the shield is painted in full body color, and artificial exhaust paths appear. Taigo is packed with rims of 16 to 18 inches.

volkswagen rear bumper rear bumper

The Taigo tape line is on top. The Shield does not show the tap on the Life and Style versions.

A neat and comfortable pilot room

The interior of Taigo deceived us with the quality of the assemblies and its equipment. A good step taken from the modified Polo, which tracks its location. The presentation is clean and modern. There are a few options for placing preferences on the board, Volkswagen only offers the optional green lime color to wear the dashboard and sewing for seats.

volkswagen taigo dashboard
The Taigo dashboard is designed based on that of the modified Polo.

As usual, the SUV coupé receives 8-inch digital meters connected to the 6.5-inch main screen. The Model and R-Line versions will benefit from the 10.25 inch panel behind the steering wheel that can display GPS maps. The center touch screen can reach 9.2 inches. The interface is well presented, and it is possible to repeat the screen of your smartphone thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions.

volkswagen taigo media system
The touch screen in the center of the dashboard can measure up to 9.2 inches.
volkswagen taigo charger for word capture
Induction charger is available from second level trim.

The equipment also includes an induction charger located under the touch pad for climate control. Taigo benefits from several small storage spaces; one of them is placed under the driver’s seat to slide the tourist guides there, the other is placed on the main armor. If we value the presence of this device, however it is slightly shorter to support the elbows of drivers less than 1.70 m.

Volkswagen taigo adaptive cruise control
The city coupe SUV has a flexible travel controller and a semi-autonomous level 2 driving device.
volkswagen taigo central airbag
Taigo automatically receives a central air bag that is placed between the front seats in the event of an accident.

As usual, Taigo benefits from a variety of safety equipment, including special flexible maritime control and semi-autonomous driving assistant. He receives even, and this is still rare enough to emphasize, central air bag to prevent the occupants’ heads from colliding in the event of an accident. For € 890, a solar roof washes the house with light, but this option removes the roof truss. Panoply of adventurer suffers.

Price of Volkswagen 2021 Taigo
Taigo is a cousin of Nivus, a model sold on the South American market since December 2020.

Welcome coupe interior

volkswagen taigo housing
At the back, a bench seat welcomes …

The good part about the back: the cut of the roof does not involve too many collisions to get into the board. A raised ground clearance forces him to lift his knees. Once placed on a bench, which does not slide differently from the T-Cross, passengers sit comfortably, even if we value the footpath more (especially for the elderly). The seats provide excellent support for the thighs, and the legs are very spacious. The head room is nice, despite being taller than its cousins. As for the central seat, it is an additional storage space for smaller sizes as it is narrower and accessible, restricted by a large service tunnel. Volkswagen did not pay special attention to passengers. They take advantage of two USB-C sockets.

volkswagen taigo trunk volume
The stem has a volume of 438, 7 liters just below the T-Roc.
volkswagen flat floor tigo
Once the backs are tied down, the volume reaches 1,222 liters. In the upper space, the floor is flat.

On the trunk side, Taigo benefits from a 438-liter capacity, which can be increased to 1,222 liters once the back of the 2 / 3-1 / 3 bench seats are folded down. Note that the floor can be adjusted to two heights. In the upper position, with lower seats, the loading sill is flat.

100% petrol engines.

volkswagen taigo engine
Taigo is powered by three petrol engines with a 95, 110 and 150 hp turbo.

There is no diesel or electric version under the Taigo cover, nor even a 4 x 4 version or vitamin R as in T-Roc. Volkswagen has improved the ranks. Taigo only gets turbocharged gasoline engines. Maximum includes two 1.0 l three cylinders of 95 and 110 hp, as well as 1.5 l four cylinders of 150 hp. The latter automatically benefits from a seven-speed DSG box. Distribution that can also receive TSI 110 hp. These are also the only two versions to receive a fine of € 170 and € 260 respectively, in relation to the tax rate in 2022. The TSI base unit will have to work with a five-speed manual gearbox, but it will avoid any tax. !

Pricing according to competition

volkswagen taigo price and delivery
Volkswagen Taigo will sell for 23,180 Euros in January. The first submission is expected in May 2022.

Volkswagen has already opened the Taigo import book, although the model will not reach retailers until next January and the first delivery is scheduled for May 2022! You have to be patient … An SUV Coupé entry ticket, collected in Pamplona, ​​Spain, is priced at € 23,380, what it places it between T-Cross and T-Roc. On the upside, prices rise above € 31,700. Four films are available, including a launch called the First Edition which is recognizable with its black decorative elements. This version, available for only TSI 150 and only 300 copies, will be the most expensive on the list with a price exceeding € 32,000.

Who to compete with Taigo?

Volkswagen is playing with words with its coupe SUV. If Taigo has a distinctive style, its services are closer to those of its cousins ​​T-Cross and T-Roc, the sixth and eighth best sellers in the French city SUV market. Plus it is in the heart of the “family” that the competition will start to burn. And on the side of foreign opponents? If Volkswagen claims to be the first manufacturer to present a coupe SUV, in fact another product is already a marketing car with the same silhouette: this is the case for the Nissan Juke or Ford Puma. The small German SUV is definitely one of the targets in a similar way to the 2008 Peugeot, a market leader in France. Additionally, on closer inspection, Taigo’s price position and version of its engine are clearly shown to those of the two competitors. It remains only for customers to form their own opinions …

Peugeot 2008
Peugeot 2008
Ford Puma
Ford Puma

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