Volkswagen Passat 2024 preview, there will be an electric Nissan GT-R … Car news on Twitch

Volkswagen Passat 2024 preview, there will be an electric Nissan GT-R … Car news on Twitch

Nissan claims there will be 100% GT-R of electricity. The new generation of Volkswagen Passat is being developed and will bring many key features. In addition, BMW has released an impressive display of the new M4 CSL. All of these have been covered in the latest version of live on Twitch. Directly that, if you miss it, you can see this full analysis of the current situation in the automotive industry on the basis of delay.

Electricity distribution and subsequent designs on the market were the main topics in recent live broadcasts on station on Twitch. We have done a comprehensive analysis of the hot news in the automotive industry. Analysis that you have the opportunity to see postponed if you were not present in live broadcasting.

The program began with a pilot test of a car that will soon be published on the web. The team has had the opportunity to put themselves in control of interesting electrical structures like Airlines U5 and BMW i4 M50. Unique and elegant Hybrid Maserati Levante GT. Between all it will be possible to read the written test for a short time.

The announcement of the product team begins in the 35th minute. Prior to that, the competition team reviewed Miami GP System 1 2022.

On the other hand, a direct opportunity was offered for discussing the new Toyota Aygo X Cross. The model whose first unit in Spain was registered in the previous month of April 2022. Everything is ready for the start of your attack on traders. Will it be able to improve Aygo sales? Why has Toyota not installed electricity on the new Aygo X Cross? These were some of the questions asked and answered.

It is also a time to talk a bomb that dropped a huge Nissan charge. Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer, has stated directly and indirectly that there will be 100% Nissan GT-R electricity. This behavioral structure of the Japanese automotive industry will fail with the supply of electricity at its highest level. Now, will it affect the new generation that will soon see the light? Or is it a long-term project? All of these issues were discussed directly.

To make a big change of theme, that time was spent talking about the future of the BMW M4 CSL. German manufacturer BMW has published a short but very interesting one in front of this real animal that walks on wheels. Model signed by BMW M with real competitive genes. Given its features and design features, we can say that it will be a road-approved race car.

At a time when “SUV fever” continues to plague Europe and shows no signs of a temporary decline, it is good news for lovers of normal bodies that Volkswagen has chosen to develop a new generation of Passat. The process of repairing the Volkswagen Passat 2024 is ongoing and will provide good news. We automatically develop the main keys to this new model that, if everything goes according to plan, we will know next year.

The last topic, although not very important, was another experiment that has been available on for just one day. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross test. Taking advantage of the direct presence of Alberto Pérez, the author of the experiment, Mitsubishi’s strengths and weaknesses were analyzed. Mitsubishi hybrid SUV. An example in which 100% electrical independence is amazing.

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