Volkswagen opens registration for the VW Racing Circuit at PAC de Vinhedo

Volkswagen opens registration for the VW Racing Circuit at PAC de Vinhedo

Volkswagen do Brasil is opening all its units in the country for the VW Racing Circuit 2022, a free event open to the public to promote health and solidarity. The big difference is that the race goes through the VW units, including the production lines. Volkswagen Group Parts and Accessories Center (PAC), located in Vinhedo, will be the next to host the race on September 4, starting at 8:30 am..

Enrollment will be open in this link next saturday (6/8). The project is financed by Volkswagen Financial Services at all stages.

Spaces are limited and open to the public free of charge.

The first stage to participate in the 2022 VW Racing Circuit at the PAC de Vinhedo stage is sign up for free at this link on Saturday (6/8). The PAC event is 1,200 seats open to everyone who wants to participate, whether they are a VW employee, family member, customer or fan of the brand.

Those interested can choose between a 5K (running) or 3K (walking) circuit. On the day and location of the race, all registered participants will receive a kit with a t-shirt, visor and participation medal. The event will also have several attractions such as blood pressure testing tent, physical assessment, quick massage, among others.

Solidarity: give food

The 2022 VW Racing Circuit also does its part for the community by supporting the communities surrounding the units. At the Vinhedo stage, the event will benefit the Mãos em Ação Social Project.

Located in Vinhedo, the NGO works with families and children in difficult social situations in the city. The dish requires: rice, beans, pasta, oil and tomato sauce. Submissions must be made on the day of the race in a tent specifically set up for the stage.

Visit the Volkswagen Group Foundation bazaar

At the race site, everyone will also be able to visit the Volkswagen Group Foundation Social Bazaar, which will be selling products from the Sewing the Future project such as bags, cases, purses and other accessories. Since 2009, Sewing the Future has encouraged the reuse of waste, especially fabrics produced by Volkswagen Group brands and their suppliers.

Through the upcycling method, materials are transformed into new products by the hands of entrepreneurs trained by the Volkswagen Group Foundation, benefiting the environment and generating income for several families. Profits from sales at the bazaar will go to the tailors themselves.

See the full schedule

The 2022 VW Racing Circuit has already passed through Volkswagen’s car plant in São José dos Pinhais (PR) and Anchieta in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), as well as the brand’s engine plant in São Carlos (SP), both with success large. . Check the following steps:

• Fields and Equipment Center: September 4th.

• Car factory in Taubaté: updated date to be confirmed.