Volkswagen launches charging again … among individuals!

Volkswagen launches charging again … among individuals!

Can’t find the charging station available near you? A solution may be offered to you: re-charging individually. Volkswagen invests in this using software

The electric car still relies heavily on a network of charging stations, and even if it goes too far in Europe (West and North, just …), it could happen that we are about to break down without close charge points, or unfortunately. surprise of a random terminal. In these cases, there are very few solutions aside from a tow truck or, where possible, special assistance that you can come up with and provide phone payments for a specific vehicle. But soon there will be another way: payments between individuals, which are now beneficial to the Volkswagen group.

Application for re-charging between individuals

“At the end of 2021 in France, only 6% (53,667) of public service stations were reached, while the number of private stations reached 838,331 (source Enedis – 24/01/2022) the capacity of the automotive community. great, “the statement said. To get this almost unlimited supply of electronics stores, Volkswagen will launch at the end of May “Shargy” software., simply connecting drivers in rechargeable vehicles (hybrid or electric). Shargy will allow drivers to access a certain terminal available near them and above all to pay the owner of the socket directly depending on the energy consumed. The German manufacturer has not yet said what the rates will be, or if there will be a commission for each charge.

“The app will allow you to see the stations available near you or in certain places, save payment opportunities, pay them securely online.communicating with other members via messaging and evaluating their experience through a rating system “, announces Volkswagen. it is interesting.

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Published 08/04/2022 Updated 08/04/2022

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