Volkswagen increases the price of four cars at once;  see what they were

Volkswagen increases the price of four cars at once; see what they were

Volkswagen raised the prices of four of its cars earlier this February: Nivus, T-Cross, Polo and Virtus. The cars are built under the same platform, MQB, they are some of the best in Brazil in their segment, but they have already started to have unrealistic values.

Let’s start with the small SUV coupé, the Volkswagen Nivus. Excluding the 170TSI version, the model now starts at R$117,590 in the Comfortline variant, the current entry-level variant, while the top-level Top Line starts at R$133,990.

The Volkswagen T-Cross, which got facelifts at the end of 2021, now starts at R$108,890 in the Sense 1.0 200TSI model (special for the PCD audience) and reaches R$158,110 in the Highline, this one with the 1.4 250TSI engine.

The Volkswagen Polo already has the price of the extinct VW Golf (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

The Volkswagen Polo hatch, on the other hand, now starts at R$75,590 in the 1.0 MPI version, the only one with this engine, while the 1.6 MSI does not cost less than R$88,220. If you want to have the Polo 1.0 200TSI, you will have to pay at least R$ 107,190, the price of the Comfortline variant. The Polo GTS, the top of the range, now costs R$140,390.

Finally, the Volkswagen Virtus, which used to be one of the best value for money in the Brazilian market thanks to its large interior space and powerful engine, is now starting to cost like an average sedan, alienating potential customers. And this, of course, is reflected in sales, with only 612 registrations in January.

The German automaker’s premium compact sedan now starts at BRL 95,180 in the 1.6 MSI version, while the model with the turbocharged 1.0 engine doesn’t go below BRL 107,190. The three-volume variant of the GTS is available from R$147,050.

Why does it raise so much?

This constant increase in prices by Brazilian car manufacturers is above inflation and can be explained, above all, by two factors: the exchange rate and the lack of semiconductors. With both problems not expected to improve, the trend is that we will soon see a new increase not only from Volkswagen, but from other brands.

See below the complete price table for the new Nivus, T-Cross, Virtus and Polo:

Car Version Old Price New Price
nivu soft comfort BRL 113,850 BRL 117,590
nivu highline BRL 129,670 BRL 133,990
T-Cross meaning BRL 103,550 BRL 108,890
T-Cross 200TSI BRL 128,650 BRL 130,850
T-Cross soft comfort BRL 144,890 BRL 147,350
T-Cross highline BRL 155,490 BRL 158,150
Sorry 1.0 MSI BRL 72,730 BRL 75,360
Sorry 1.6 MPI MT BRL 85,130 BRL 88,220
Sorry 1.6 MPI AT BRL 86,330 BRL 89,460
Sorry soft comfort BRL 103,490 BRL 107,190
Sorry highline BRL 111,190 BRL 115,150
Sorry GTS BRL 135,550 BRL 140,390
Virtus 1.6 MPI MT BRL 91,850 BRL 95,180
Virtus 1.6 MPI AT BRL 99,850 BRL 103,380
Virtus soft comfort BRL 108,250 BRL 112,090
Virtus highline BRL 123,690 BRL 128,090
Virtus GTS BRL 141,950 BRL 147,050

Source: Automotive News (1 and two)