VOLKSWAGEN ID5 GTX test – Motorlegend

VOLKSWAGEN ID5 GTX test – Motorlegend

After the saloon and the more sensible SUV, Volkswagen is trying to make its electric range more playful with the SUV Coupé derivative. Technically identical to the ID.4, this new ID.5 has a more aggressive profile that can punish its family characteristics. To find out for sure, we drove several hundred kilometers behind the wheel.

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Electricity and beauty

After a nervous experiment with e-Up! and e-Golf, Volkswagen has stepped up its electronic offensive with a range of its new IDs. The line is destined to grow rapidly as, in less than two years, the third type of this family has invested in the brand agreement. Called the ID.5, this newcomer is a variant of the ID.4 compact SUV. Understand that its back has been redesigned to offer a slimmer, supposedly more sporty profile. We have taken the manufacturer’s marketing standard to the letter by choosing, for this test, the most powerful version currently available. Called GTX, it uses two electric motors, one on each axle, making it a 4-wheel drive, which develops 299 hp.

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This respectable power should be related to the weight of this SUV, which is as follows: 2,242 kg empty. It only takes a few kilometers to realize that the ID.5 GTX has nothing to do with the GTI, its behavior is very confusing in the turn sequence. On the other hand, with 460 Nm immediately available, it is the king of acceleration. Similarly, overtaking is a simple procedure. The other side of this coin is that we are moving at an unmentionable speed. And don’t expect the noise to warn you that you’re driving too fast: the sound insulation is almost perfect.

It’s comfortable at all speeds, knowing that our test model had a trial suspension charged at €1,350, id. 5 GTX proves to be a kilometer devouring machine. Recharging stations will be frequent as, despite the 77 kWh battery, there is little hope of being able to travel more than 300 km on the highway. Fortunately, the brand’s engineers have improved the charging device software, which now accepts a maximum power of 150 kW. Therefore, from 10 to 80% of freedom will not require more than 15 minutes on the appropriate terminal.

The rules of ID.4 will not be out of place on the board of its big brother. The presentation is the same, even if it seemed to us that efforts had been made in terms of finishing, and the passenger room is still able to accommodate 5 adults. Better yet, its trunk is a little bigger, with 549 liters under the tablet. On the other hand, Volkswagen has set its own pricing policy which includes offering a single, affordable version, but which requires filling out multiple packages to get the ID.5 GTX. Therefore, displayed at a base price of €61,600 (an amount that prevents it from claiming a small ecological bonus), the car found with us was worth it, as soon as it was finished, especially, Comfort Plus, Design Plus packs or even 21”. , €72,750. At this price, there is no shortage of offerings from premium manufacturers.

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To remember

quoteDeliberately successful and, judging by the number of heads that turned our way, aesthetically pleasing, the Volkswagen ID.5 has all the cards in hand to be a commercial success. However, it will be necessary to deal with the policy of voluntary packages, which increases the bill very quickly.
strong pointsCalming behavior, impressive acceleration, space / volume of the trunk is saved

weak pointsOptional packet policy, lack of agility


Price 2022:

299 hp

0 to 100 km/h:
Sec 6.3

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