Volkswagen ID BUZZ: will be talked about

Volkswagen ID BUZZ: will be talked about


What if we reboot the minivan? Taking the design of the iconic Combi, the symbol of “peace and love” of the 1960s, Volkswagen obviously had to play on the sensitive conversation of the corporation turned into civilian life. With ID BUZZ, it is the opposite course that is done even if the Cargo version is recommended. Basically a pity, this car uses an existing platform shared with other ID sedans and shows the flexibility of the electric concept, the ease of multiplying. And the main impression is that given by the Renault Espace at that time, and here, well, a little bold architecture. But with 5 seats or its later extended version with seven seats, the BUZZ ID proves to be the best family friend… turned electric. However, to take the road to Kathmandu, we will have to hope for a better day, no doubt in another century.


Two-tone color (+ €1,790), the same proportions even if the dimensions have been XL, the front overhang has been reduced to a minimum due to the rear-mounted engine, the V-shaped bonnet with a large logo, the similarity is used carefully. But the petrol tank has disappeared in favor of a battery carpet with a net capacity of 77 kWh (82 kWh in total capacity), the largest currently available.

The current wheel will be extended to a seven-seater version that can go beyond that. Still, an electric car must always find the best balance between size, weight and price even if changing the design does not affect the center of gravity, placed very low between the axles. On the one at the back, the electric motor of 150 kW or 204 hp drives the rear wheels which makes the identification. Buzz propulsion, but also gives the front cabin. The declared WLTP range of up to 419 km in the combined cycle seems good and close to the truth in our test using the admittedly undemanding roads of Denmark and Sweden.

If it is necessary to refuel frequently, VW promises recharging power up to 170 kW to go, according to the agreed rate, from 5 to 80% in less than 30 minutes. It is tolerated if the relevant terminal works and what is free is the last generation of ” ID. App” should allow and electronic trip planner that optimizes the best travel strategy.


Electric cars are convincing, carrying their batteries between the axles, the profile of a dachshund, but the ID BUZZ gets away with it very well despite the wheelbase of almost 3 meters. Hinged doors at the front, electric sliding doors in the middle and an electric tailgate at the back ( the cargo version has two leaves and accepts two euro pallets), the BUZZ ID offers a large living space, open and well laid out, decorated with cute smileys and drawings.

It stands out with its light and cheerful colors. In this context, we are surprised to find a dial device attached to the adjustable steering column and a main multimedia screen borrowed from other brands. It doesn’t have a bold touch, but leaving black is, for VW, already a good job.

The materials used, especially from recycling, sometimes seem very light like this fake wood tape that sounds hollow, an effect of the house’s “Road to Zero” strategy aimed at CO neutral emissions.2. Despite the new dashboard taking up the base of the sliding windshield, we regret that this space has not been put to good use, for storage for example.

The front sight is good with a double upright, profiled depending on the perspective. On the other hand, we are placed further back than in the venerable Combi where the legs were used as bumpers. The development is good, but it has a big impact on the price with a starting price of 56,990 euros plus taxes without bonuses, which means that it benefits up to January 2023 of 2,000 euros in bonus will be deducted (then the bonus will be reduced to 1,000 euros). Not cheap but fully equipped, just to emphasize the irreversible passage from hippie to geek.


The BUZZ tag automatically triggers a sympathetic movement as it passes and we happily share behind the wheel as we quickly get our marks. The gentleness of the special development for electricity as well as the energy response when it is necessary to accelerate is very interesting. The rotary gear selector to the right of the steering wheel will allow you to choose between the position of the road and another, short, useful for increasing the barrier on the descents and, therefore, regeneration.

Abandoning the tension gives a small turning space of only 11.1 meters, the value of the Golf. Silent by nature, the BUZZ ID is also very compatible with standard suspensions. The obvious choice of high-wall tires (Series 50) clearly contributes to the feeling of this road according to the spirit of the car.

Suffice it to say that it is not in the alpine route where it would be most comfortable, but that we could not confirm. On the other hand, by passing a flowing car on the northern route where excess is unanimously condemned, our consumption of 19.6 kW, better than the official declared value, allows us to calculate a range of more than 350 km while keeping the required level. .avoid a heart attack.