Volkswagen ID.Buzz pre-orders are gaining momentum

Volkswagen ID.Buzz pre-orders are gaining momentum

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Volkswagen has tallied the number of pre-orders for its ID.Buzz electric car. The manufacturer also provides information on model production.

A month ago, Volkswagen announced that it had reached the milestone of 10,000 pre-orders for the ID.Buzz. The electric car continues to keep the same popularity as the previous conventional orders.

Thus, Volkswagen indicated that it had exceeded 12,500 pre-orders, or 2,500 in one month. ID.Buzz had passed the 10,000 pre-order mark in three months, or just over 3,000 orders per month on average.

These figures are very encouraging for the manufacturer, as Carsten Intra reminds us. VW’s commercial vehicle director actually remembers that no customer has seen the ID.Buzz in person in a concession.

In fact, orders should be expedited when the first copies appear in public. These will also be developed as a priority.

“Of the approximately 15,000 vehicles that we will produce in 2022, not all will go to customers immediately”he says. “We must first give stock to dealers. So the first 6,000 copies will go to dealers, then the cars will come to customers. »

The Cargo version of ID.Buzz accounts for less than half of the pre-orders. However, Volkswagen is not giving any details at the moment about the production schedule of the two variants.

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