Volkswagen ID.Buzz Electric Kombi launched today

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Electric Kombi launched today

A connecting point between the past and the future. This is how ID.Buzz, Volkswagen’s new small car, was explained by Carsten Intra, CEO of the brand’s commercial vehicles, at the event that marked the launch of the car on Wednesday (9). Awaited for at least five years, the car has been called the “electric van”, in reference to the car that was successful all over the world, but especially in Brazil, which was the only country that continued to produce it in the 21st century. .

This electric Kombi is almost official. Part of Volkswagen itself. “T1 [como a Kombi é chamada na Alemanha] it allowed people to experience mobility and freedom”, explains Volkswagen’s head of innovation, Jozef Kaban. “With ID.Buzz, we are transferring that DNA from T1 to today and thus into the era of electric mobility.”


Despite the appeal of nostalgia, the ID.Buzz function is based on Volkswagen’s common platform for electric models, the MEB. As a result, the minivan’s design concept shares more design details with later base models such as the ID.3 and ID.4 than the original T1, namely an emphasis on short intakes and curved lines. The new model is also available in two configurations: regular and Cargo.

Martin Meiners/Volkswagen/Disclosure

Motorization and recharging

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz arrives on the European market with a 77 kWh battery, placed on the floor of the car, and an electric motor with a peak of 150 kW (203 horses). It is possible to charge the car in common sockets and public charging stations with an alternative current of 11 kW. With fast charging, the recharging power rises to 170 kW and the feedback time from 5 to 80% can be completed in about 30 minutes.

The ID.Buzz will also have two-way charging, which enables the electric vehicle to transfer battery power to the user’s home network. Transfers are made from a special wall box for fast payments. Regarding the mechanism, Volkswagen also says that the transfer to the public electric grid in the future is not excluded.

Volkswagen ID.BUZZ and Volkswagen ID.BUZZ Cargo
Martin Meiners/Volkswagen/Disclosure

State-of-the-art technology for independent testing

Unlike the old Kombi, Volkswagen’s new ID.Buzz has an improved driver assistance system. The highlight of the set is the “Car2X” technology, which uses signals from other vehicles and transport infrastructure to detect hazards in real time – for example, several pedestrians crossing the road.

Other standard features are: the emergency stop function “Front Assist” and, in the standard version, the lane assist “Lane Assist”. There is also the optional “Swarm Data Cruise Assist”, which improves the automatic steering in parts throughout the entire speed range and, for the first time, lane change support on the highway.

Volkswagen ID.BUZZ
Martin Meiners/Volkswagen/Disclosure

wide interior

In terms of space, the ID.Buzz and ID.Mzigo have the same wheelbase as the Transporter (a modern Kombi type, sold in Germany and Poland, but which has never arrived in Brazil): 2,988 mm. The interior of the minivan also guarantees space for five people and a good capacity of 1,121 liters for luggage. If the second row of seats is folded down, the load capacity increases to 2,205 liters. In the Cargo version, it is possible to load two pallets in the European standard and 4 m3.

Volkswagen ID.  buzz
Martin Meiners/Volkswagen/Disclosure

Manufactured on Volkswagen’s assembly line in Hannover, central Germany, the ID.Buzz will enter the European market in the Northern Hemisphere autumn (between September and December), with pre-sales starting in May. There is still no firm promise of when the electric Kombi will come to Brazil, but Volkswagen Brasil has been celebrating the ID.Buzz and other electric vehicles recently. Let’s cross our fingers.

Main photo credit: Martin Meiners/Volkswagen/Disclosure

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