Volkswagen ID.5 Gets Higher Score in Euro NCAP Driver Assistance Tests

Volkswagen ID.5 Gets Higher Score in Euro NCAP Driver Assistance Tests

Euro NCAP experts give Volkswagen the highest score (“very good”) for its state-of-the-art support technology.5.

Advanced ID support technologies.5 were rated “very good” and received a high score of 4 out of 4 in the Euro NCAP (New European Vehicle Evaluation Program). The testers were impressed by the innovative 100% electronic identification systems.5, which ensures the best comfort and the best level of support. For the “driver assistance trial”, Euro NCAP expands its pilot panel beyond the usual stopper testing tests and implements a comprehensive evaluation and classification of comfort and support systems. Aim: to give users a realistic view of the performance of the most advanced driving aids.

Additional vehicle assistance test procedures include a few key incidents of highway driving, including standard folding and descending curves. Thus it proves that such systems help the driver effectively avoid accidents. The “Assist Competence” test assesses the driver’s involvement, i.e. the interaction between the driver and the system, as well as the ultimate ability to get the driver engaged in driving. For the “safety assistance” test, it examines the vehicle’s performance in terms of preventing collisions and minimizing possible consequences in the event of an accident. In its review, Euro NCAP notes: “VW ID.5 combines excellent car support with the same level of driver involvement. Despite the excellent auxiliary safety, the system as a whole provides excellent support on the highway. »

In ID.5, Volkswagen uses innovative support systems that are 100% integrated. The “Data Exchange Travel” option is an excellent example of this. Within the limits of the system, it has the ability to keep the car fully in line, but also to maintain the distance of the car in front and to respect the speed limit set by the driver. Specifically, it uses the manual operation of a flexible lane so that the vehicle stays automatically in the middle of the lane. “Travel Assist with data exchange” varies according to driving style and can adjust the car more left or more right in the way, as needed.

On the highway, the “Data Transfer Assistant” can be fully involved in changing routes from speeds of 90 km / h – and beyond. When activated, a path change can be initiated and completed with a simple push of the turn signal stalk. If the sensors do not detect any vehicles in the vicinity and the capacitive steering wheel detects the driver’s hands, then the vehicle will steer in the desired direction. The driver can intervene at any time to take control of the maneuver.

The helper also has cruise control equipment and corner support. Vehicle speeds can be adjusted for operating limitations and routes (bends, intersections, etc.). If anonymous data from other Volkswagen vehicles is available, the new “Travel Assist with data exchange” may also be helpful on roads that have only one line – for example, on unpaved country roads.

“Travel Assist with data exchange” is now available in Europe for all new designs in the tag category. containing an identification program. 3.0. Thus, Volkswagen is once again fulfilling its promises by providing state-of-the-art technology in all automotive categories.

Overall, Euro NCAP has evaluated a number of driver assistance operations, including routine operations such as “Front Assist” emergency brake assistant and “Lane Assist” lane assistant. Optional comfort systems Predictive ACC, Side Assist or Emergency were also presented for examination by security experts.

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