Volkswagen helps companies control the TCO of their ships

Volkswagen helps companies control the TCO of their ships

Volkswagen family ID.

During a difficult period for the automotive market, Volkswagen France managed to hold on to itself. Last year, trade orders returned sharply after experiencing a health crisis in 2020. In fact, the portfolio increased by 2% in 2021 compared to 2019, the last record year for a manufacturer in the market. part of the company, mainstream and long. – temporary rental companies. Compared to 2020, the declining year, 2021 recorded real momentum and order consumption increased by 51%. Professional customers remain loyal to Volkswagen, whose vehicles, support and commercial status prevail.

Electric and heat

Multifactorial, Volkswagen’s success is enhanced year after year but is increasing today due to a strategy where every energy gets its raison d’être. By 2022, the automotive manufacturer relies on a full range of electric vehicles. With identifier.3, ID.4 and ID.5, companies can improve their vehicle policies with low air flow and up to 520 km (WLTP). Compact sedan (ID.3), family SUV (ID.4), coupe coupe SUV (ID.5), user-friendly vehicle (ID.Buzz), Volkswagen relies on a variety of low carbon designs to support companies in their transition to power.

Volkswagen can call itself “Voltswagen”. But the brand also specializes in heating technology and includes hybrid models and reusable in its catalog. “For each of our clients, we can provide the best solution at the best cost and at the lowest level of the environment,” explains Olivier Dupont, Head of Sales Sales.

And at the beginning of the year, Volkswagen remains at the forefront of oil. The city’s first brand coupé SUV, Taigo shakes its share with its unique style and rich accessories. For its part, T-Roc is back to a completely new version with an updated design and is equipped with new driving support and digital services for the new generation.

Volkswagen.3 ID

Volkswagen ID.  Buzz
Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The right car at the right time

The variety of technologies and models developed allows for perfection. Without being overbearing and directing buyers’ choice towards one energy source rather than another, Volkswagen starts out of use to propose the most appropriate technology. Regardless of the company’s choice, brand sales consultants accompany them throughout shipping.

Volkswagen also ensures that its vehicles maintain their quality as management tools. The car must value the worker and give him comfort every day. “In addition to the economic orientation of vehicles, the humanitarian field must be taken into account to support the Personnel departments,” insists Olivier Dupont.

Tariff increase or increase in ZFE-m (low mobility area) are additional arguments in support of Volkswagen. With the different energies provided in all areas, the brand responds to the right needs and products in a timely manner. “Our mission is to provide specially designed solutions to create value for our customers, while keeping people at the heart of relationships,” says Olivier Dupont. This value creation involves a competitive TCO.

Olivier Dupont, head of sales company
Olivier Dupont, head of sales company

Residual values ​​of competition

Volkswagen also stands out for its residual values, which makes the taxes of its models attractive. Innovation, generosity in terms of equipment, fine quality and advanced technology ensure fast sales and high prices in the used car market. Observed in temperatures for years, this advantage is also in the assembly with a range of electronics. Control of discount rates and sales channels integrates this item.

Thanks to this strategy and beyond short-term commercial success, Volkswagen seeks to establish long-term relationships with its customers. “We are growing together,” Olivier Dupont develops. “In a long-term relationship, we create a common history. In difficult situations, we find solutions to stability. .

Adherence to electricity

Maja Rakovic, manager of a key electric car account, Volkswagen brand

maja rakovic

Not only do we sell low-level or 100% electricity designs, we also support companies at every stage of their ship’s electrical installation to provide solutions tailored to their needs. In addition to the financial aspect and full TCO analysis, in collaboration with our network, we offer a specially designed service that includes customer shipping analysis to identify eligible users of an electric vehicle. The goal is to provide better energy for better use. An electric car should not be an obstacle in the life of an employee, but should be equal to the pleasure of driving according to his professional and personal life, not forgetting the cost-effectiveness of the company. Volkswagen Network exists to create value for our professional customers. »

“What energy do I use? Do my employees have electricity? environment.
But these changes also raise many questions. The Volkswagen Professional Network provides personalized support and consultants and services aimed at professionals.

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