Volkswagen hands over Bugatti to Croatian electric manufacturer |  In the market

Volkswagen hands over Bugatti to Croatian electric manufacturer | In the market

car manufacturer veyron and shame will be managed by a joint venture between Rimac (which will have a 55% stake) and Porsche. The new company will start operating in the last quarter of this year.

For some time now, Volkswagen wanted to get rid of Bugatti, a brand that never benefited the group – the astronomical costs of its hypercars were not worth the huge investment in models that share almost no features with other cars.

Rumors suggest that the problem was with the Piech family, which owns half of the Volkswagen Group, which did not want to relinquish control of the French car company. The solution was to integrate Porsche into the business: that way, Volkswagen still keeps a foothold in the Molsheim manufacturer without spending a fortune on cars that take decades to sell 300 or 400 units.

The presence of Porsche in the joint venture will also bear fruit for the company. The creation of electric hypersports by the Bugatti brand is inevitable, and the German automaker intends to take advantage of it. “Croats are quick to develop batteries, unique low-level products and prototyping,” Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche in an interview with CAR car English.

The executive indicated where the brand’s main interest in the new company would be. “Porsche is interested in the fruits of this partnership. After all, 918 Spyder one day it will need a successor of higher quality,” he said.

For a better understanding, half of the answer is enough: the possibility of the next Porsche supercar to adopt a unique electric drive is high. The company already has knowledge for this, since taican it is among the fastest models made by the company. The difference is that the knowledge of Rimac can make a way through the obstacles of 300 and 400 km / h, still almost impossible among electric cars.

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