Volkswagen Golf-R 2022 – Performance, datasheet and photos

Volkswagen Golf-R 2022 – Performance, datasheet and photos

Volkswagen Golf-R 2022 – Performance, price and photos

With restrained styling and grown-up attitude, see if the latest version of the Golf R is the ultimate hatchback performance.

Few automakers offer hot hatchbacks with standard drives like Volkswagen.

Volkswagen effectively reinvented the category over 40 years ago with the MK1 Golf GTI. Now, with the latest GTI and Golf R, the German automaker wants to remind fans that they are hot-seat champions.

The Golf R wasn’t originally available in the United States, but that changed when the R32 was introduced in 2003. Fast forward to today, and we have what Volkswagen claims is the fastest, most performance-oriented Golf product yet.

Well, now we’re back to 2022. With more than 300 horsepower, standard all-wheel drive and a choice of manual or automatic transmissions to see if the Volkswagen Golf Eight is in everyday driving, the R is the holy grail of the race, in the heat. of all weathers.

Performance and capabilities of the 2022 Volkswagen GOLF-R

The MK7 Golf R is starting to lag behind the competition, and VW has opted to give the Golf R some much-needed power in the latest iteration.

Under the hood of the 2022 Golf R is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 315 horsepower and an impressive 280 pound-feet of torque.

The 2022 Golf R has nearly 30 horsepower more than the model it replaces, making it the fastest and most powerful production Golf R to date.

If you opt for the seven-speed DSG, you’ll get 295 pound-feet of torque instead of the six-speed manual’s 280 pound-feet.

All-wheel drive is standard. It has the ability to direct 100% of its energy in one direction and up to 50% in the other direction.

The automatic weighs about 100 pounds and has a curb weight of over 3,400 pounds.

As for acceleration, VW claims the DSG should hit 100km/h in around 4.7 seconds, while the six-speed, available only in the US, should do so in under 5 seconds.

The Golf R has a top speed of 155 mph, but if you turn off the limiter, it can hit around 170 mph.

Now the Golf R is more than powertrains and powertrains.

The brakes of the latest generation Volkswagen Golf R have been significantly improved and now have 14.1-inch diameter raised discs with fixed four-piston calipers at the front and 12.2-inch raised discs at the rear.

The Golf R’s standard adaptive dampers have 15 different levels of adjustment, allowing you to efficiently switch from very firm to comfortable suspension.

A low-slip front differential helps more handling.

You can enter a special mode that effectively puts the car in high attack mode, similar to the Nurburgring special mode.

However, you can easily switch the stability control from this mode to the sport level.

Although the special sliding mode may sweep you off your feet, the Golf R still has the advantage of being a great daily driver.

For example, fuel consumption, 20 in the city and 30 on the highway, are both good numbers. But you don’t really get a Golf R for your gas mileage, do you?

appearance pattern

The Golf R’s looks have always been understated and it flies under the radar, which is a good thing for some people out there.

As for its design, for a typical VW you get poor styling, and this VW doesn’t shout about its speed and performance.

Only an avid fan who knows what to look for will truly differentiate this R from a smaller Golf.

The Golf R comes with full LED headlights, LED turn signals and LED daytime running lights. LED accent lights in the grill connect the two headlights.

The front part differs from the GTI, thanks to the blue line on the grille and headlights, as well as the smooth R badge, which has a red line on the front – black details help identify it as a Golf R. Volkswagen. it’s gone away from the fog lights, but there’s still an important air intake.

From the side, it is still based on the MQB architecture and has a length of around 168 inches with a wheelbase of 103.5 inches.

When you look at the rest of the profile, there is a small R logo.

The glass covers have a metal hood similar to what you see on Audi S series models.

As for the rims, the Golf R comes with stylish 19-inch wide wheels with black interior spokes.

They’re shod with 235-section Bridgestone Potenza S005 summer performance tires. Looking back, you can see that the taillights are now all LED as well. A few signs can be seen here. Only the R flagship and the VW flagship.

Finally, there are color options, unfortunately VW doesn’t offer many options. You only have three shades to choose from

  • pure white
  • blue pencil
  • pure black

Quality interior and technology

The understated theme also extends to the interior of the Golf R. You get the interior of the Golf, but with minor updates like the R-Line’s flat-bottom performance steering wheel and stainless steel pedal covers.

You have blue accents that break up the Titan’s black interior to let you know that this is indeed a Golf R.

Featured is the Discover Pro touchscreen navigation system with a 10-inch screen and volume control.

Another display is the excellent and highly configurable VW Digital Cockpit Pro display, which works well with the head-up display.

Volkswagen has also launched an excellent Harmon Kardon sound system for its music.

You get a three-month subscription to Sirius XM, plus audio streaming via Bluetooth. Other important features include a wireless smartphone charger and four USB C ports.

Now, while the interior has good technology, like the new screen on the high-end Golf, the ergonomics have unfortunately become worse.

Volkswagen is expected to use traditional knobs and buttons for the radio and climate control, instead of touchscreen controls.

However, if this is the first Golf, the interior space is good at first.

To increase the feeling of space, there is a sunroof, which should allow enough natural light to lift the dark cabin.

You can choose from a range of ambient light colors to further enhance the room.

Finished in Nappa leather, you get a pair of heated and ventilated sports seats with integrated headrests up front.

The driver’s seat has 12 positions adjustment and memory function.

The rear seats can easily accommodate three people and you can heat the outer seats.

At about 19.9 cubic feet, cargo space is good too. Fold the seats and open up to 35 cubic feet of space.

Price and availability


  • Manual $44,090
  • Automatic $44,890

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf-R with a six-speed manual transmission debuts US$ 44,090 (BRL 229,021.10 real Brazil)excluding destination fee of $1,095.

The seven-speed DSG will cost another $800.

The Golf R comes fully loaded and there aren’t many optional extras you can add.

2022 Volkswagen Golf-R Safety

As the R is a Golf first, Volkswagen hasn’t skimped on safety, and this high-performance hatchback comes with excellent active and quiet safety features out of the box.

In addition to standard safety features such as seat belts, airbags (front, side, curtain), anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake pressure distribution (EBD) and hydraulic brake assist ( HBA), you also have a skid. correction. ,

Electronic Stability Control with Electronic Differential Lock if things go wrong, whether on the track or on the road.

Also standard; a host of driver assistance and convenience features you wouldn’t normally associate with a performance hatchback.

They include:

  • Active blind spot monitor
  • adaptive cruise control
  • high beam control
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Monitoring of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Dynamic display of traffic signals
  • rear camera system
  • Tire pressure monitoring system

Although the new-generation Golf has not been inspected by the NHTSA, the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R won the IIHS’s 4-door minivan/hatchback Insurance category.

The main competitor of Volkswagen Golf-R 2022

The Volkswagen Golf’s main rival is the current Civic Type-R, but the all-wheel-drive Golf offers a more advanced and more sophisticated setup.

However, Toyota has shaken up the hatchback segment with its highly anticipated GR Corolla, which now comes with all-wheel drive.

A few days ago, Honda also revealed the more mature 2023 R model.

Although official horsepower numbers have yet to be released, Honda says this is the most powerful Type R to date. Regardless, check out how the three compare in terms of power numbers.

So if you’re looking for a high-performance hatchback without the usual race-boy looks, you can’t go wrong with the Golf R.

There is enough kit in the Golf R to set it apart and make it better than the Golf R. GTI.