Volkswagen France Group is showing its growth in 2021

Volkswagen France Group is showing its growth in 2021

The Volkswagen Group remained, in France in 2021, leading the way in importing 234,100 registrations for VPs and LCVs. And this, in spite of joint covid-19 conflicts with semiconductors And Volkswagen has allowed itself, in the VP market alone, an increase of 16,000 units sold, i.e. a total market share of + 0 9%, where most brands were lower .

It must be said that the brand portfolio of the German group in France is still diverse and is fighting for the market share to increase. Expectations that are also reflected in a call from Xavier Chardon, chairman of Volkswagen’s management group in France, to employ 1,000 people by 2022, are rarely enough to be emphasized.

Volkswagen France at a ceremony in 2021

According to the brand, for Volkswagen VP, sales growth in France reached, in 2021, 7.7% and 105,298 registrations, with a market share of 6.3%. Purpose: to achieve 7% by 2022 and growth of 60%, not less, according to Gerrit Heimberg, its director. For its part, Volkswagen VU recorded 23,000 subscriptions in 2021. The recent sale of the Multivan PHEV, was followed from the summer of 2022 and that of the brand. Electric Buzz (8,000 units in passenger transport and 2,000 in service) should make it possible to increase these market shares, argued Kérim Bournonville, director of Volkswagen VU.

Skoda and Seat on cunning

Still in general brands, Skoda confirmed its success in France with a market share of 1.8% in 2021, ie 30,399 registrations, of which one third in the company and shipping. By 2022, the brand aims to gain 2% and even 3% market share by 2025, according to its director, Dorothée Bonassies. Who also told us that sales values ​​- a term he is highly associated with compared to “RV for residual values”, very negative – were up 12% over a year.

The seat should not be overtaken by 26,687 sales in 2021, which is a market share of 1.6%. Which must be added to the 4,006 registrations of the Cupra sports branch, which aims to book 10,000 units for 2022.

Audi are fighting for a reward

Finally, in the pay segment, Audi showed good health with an increase of 10.4% and registration 50,083, i.e. a market share of 3% and 13% of payments. Lahouari Bennaoum, its director, is proud of its wide range of electricity (registration 1,369) and reusable hybrids (9,657 degrees). This gives it a market share of 4.2% with smaller ships, ahead of its eternal German and Swedish competitors.

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