Volkswagen accelerates corporate energy transition

Volkswagen accelerates corporate energy transition

Benoit Robin, NV’s head of planning and operations, Volkswagen France

The fourth electric car sales label, Volkswagen seems to have the best image with the French since 2015 and received first prize for the quality of its customer service.

Based on these results, 2022 will be the year of Volkswagen’s consolidation but also that of accelerating the launch of new products, strengthening the power supply and the continuation of the digital system.

Aside from the company, Volkswagen is doing everything possible to successfully complete their energy conversion. Its ability to deliver the best technology at the highest cost is in line with the needs expressed by ship managers, buyers and drivers. Electric, hybrid or fuel-efficient, Volkswagen offers you the right solution at the right time and at the right price, without compromising comfort, comfort and safety.

Aside from automotive, the brand relies on a variety of services to assist the company in their day-to-day mobility: shipping and upgrading, financing, maintenance, repairs, short-term Volkswagen Rent solutions, etc. Our goal is to create value within your organizations. The Volkswagen Professional Network relies on specific solutions to fulfill each of your requests.

Finally, with our Zero Path strategy, we will achieve a neutral carbon neutral by 2050. All our teams are mobilized to achieve this goal and bring you more peace of mind in this time of great change.




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