Vodafone plans to introduce SuperWLAN – that’s what’s behind it

Vodafone plans to introduce SuperWLAN – that’s what’s behind it

As within the digital discovery along the Sky Com this week, the launch of SuperWLAN is scheduled for the “summer season”. This was confirmed by Vodafone on request, but did not want to provide further details about the product. At the Sky Com stand in Cologne this week, one of the exhibits already showed what the core is: the WLAN mesh system. For customers whose WLAN is insufficient for the entire apartment, Vodafone offers one or more destinations for their route planner. Rumor has it that repeaters will be available as part of the rental style. Vodafone declined to comment on the actual situation on request.

SuperWLAN for Vodafone station only

According to the information available to us, SuperWLAN as part of the WLAN service package only targets customers who use their connection to the Vodafone facility. This is understandable since there are enough compatible devices from AVM directly to the alternative – FritzBox. According to the report, the app at the Vodafone facility should determine if the customer needs a replay.

The Vodafone Repeater and station are coordinated with each other, which is a prerequisite for running a WiFi mesh system. Because with mesh, the router and repeater “talk” to each other permanently. They define which of the two access points can best distribute which end device and WLAN and hand over connections. This can happen, for example, when a user changes the floor.

Super WiFi from Vodafone

Vodafone station software should also upgrade the WLAN in a way that will select the best WLAN frequencies. To do this, the router analyzes all available WLAN channels for their back use. If necessary, it changes itself and repeats for better cycles. The WLAN connection should be more stable and faster.

Unfortunately, in the technical data planner paper we have, it is said that the repeater uses Wifi 6. At frequencies around 5 GHz it works with 4 x 4 MiMo, at 2.4 GHz and 2 × 2 MiMo. The receiver also has two gigabit LAN doors, which you can use to connect other devices such as Computers or televisions directly to the wireless bridge on the router using a cable. The device measures 42 by 103 by 115 millimeters and is said to consume 8.5 watts during normal use, with a peak of 12.2 watts. The LEDs indicate the quality of the connection to the router.

Gigabit connectors from Vodafone

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