Visible compensation for painting your Honda Civic or Acura CSX

Visible compensation for painting your Honda Civic or Acura CSX

If you own or have ever owned a Honda Civic or Acura CSX with color issues, you may soon be eligible for compensation of up to $ 2,675.

On April 25, attorneys for CBL & Associés and BG Avocat reached an agreement with Honda Canada on a class action approved in February 2019 regarding early color damage (or “delamination”) on Honda Civic vehicles. produced between 2006 and 2013 with Acura CSX. from 2006 to 2011 together.

The Supreme Court will rule this agreement in the case scheduled for June 27. The total payment value is set at $ 27 million and the maximum compensation offered is $ 2,675. The duration of the claim will be six months from the consent of the agreement.

If you are targeted with a class action, you are automatically enrolled in it and have nothing to do at the moment. If you wish to leave, you must do so before June 17, 2022 by filling out the form on website of the appeal, which will be published online by May 16. Note that by agreeing to be part of the action, you are ceasing to sue Honda later for the problem of color damage involved.

If approved in late June, this is how the plan will affect you.

You own a decent car

If you can confirm that your 2006-2013 Honda Civic has had a color problem since May 4, 2015 or that your Acura CSX 2006-2011 has experienced a similar condition since September 4, 2017, you will have two options:

  • Repair your car and get up to $ 2,550, but consider costs that may exceed this amount. The more recent your car is, the more paid you pay;
  • Not repairing your car and receive 60% of the amount due for your car, up to $ 1,530.

Important Note: You are eligible for compensation only if the paint problem occurred after the time of your purchase. This means that if you bought a used car where the problem was obvious, you have not dealt with the agreement because it is assumed that the sale price has been adjusted downwards.

You had a color problem corrected

If you had your 2006-2013 Honda Civic reprinted from May 4, 2015 or your Acura CSX 2006-2011 from September 4, 2017, you may receive a refund of up to $ 2,550. The newer your car, the more compensation is offered. You will need to provide proof of cost and proof of ownership of the vehicle. You do not qualify if you have already been compensated by your insurance or by Honda.

You have sold your car

You can receive compensation of up to $ 1,530 if you can show that you sold your car at a lower price because of a paint problem. You will be required to provide documents proving the difference between the amount you can earn, for example based on the Canadian Black Book, and the sale price.

You are the real owner of the car

You will be eligible for an additional $ 125 allowance to cover the fact that you may not be buying a car or that you would ask for a lower price if you knew the risk of paint damage at the time of purchase. car from Honda.

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