VIDEO – Who said the Porsche Cayenne wasn’t a true traveler?

Released in 2003, the Porsche Cayenne is the brand’s first SUV. While it’s not meant to compete with the Mercedes G-Class or Jeep Wrangler, it’s proven it’s capable. Proof in the video of this trip to the desert of Moab.

No, it has not been changed! This Porsche Cayenne is completely original, apart from the special tires that are placed on its rims. But that doesn’t stop the driver from tackling some of the toughest terrain in the Moab Desert. We know that this place is also a great testing ground for manufacturers to develop real off-road vehicles. This Utah park is especially known for “Hells Gate”. Understand the “Gate of Hell”, the one we are sure we can enter but not out of.

But this tough article seems to be the only order for this 2008 Cayenne. This also comes from a driver who appears to be experienced. Indeed, even with the best franchisor, you should have a season to avoid the risk of turnover.

Defeat Hell’s Revenge

The entire Hell’s Revenge was driven by this stock Cayenne. It should be noted that the German SUV left feathers there: the lower part of the shield, the body panel at the level of the wing and the sills were beaten to some extent. But no big deal. The trail at Hell’s Gate also requires rolling on the sidewall of the tires, which slightly damaged the ball. However, for an all-stock (and old) SUV, this Cayenne performed well.