Video: This here is the most extreme Ford GT40!

Video: This here is the most extreme Ford GT40!

Let the cleaners be checked immediately, not the actual Ford GT40 that has been modified, but it is a copy. Phew! But that does not prevent the end result from being amazing! It can even give you more cache …

The Ford GT40 is a story in automotive history. Designed for the sole purpose of shutting down Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ford spent all his energy on the race. Efforts awarded for 4 consecutive wins between 1966 and 1969, including a hat-trick in the first year! Absolutely a story for a car built just a hundred copies. You would have understood, if the GT40 was pointing the tip of its nose at auctionthat would be crazy!

Extreme copy!

Who would be insane enough to fix such a car? Fortunately, no one. The GT40 we are talking to you today is a copy. But this is far from taking its toll, on the contrary! Suddenly, everything went there, from bumpers to wide fenders to lights that are now all LED. There is no body panel that has not been replaced, which is to say the amount of work that is installed on this car.

We love it!

Under the hood, there is a current Ford V8 directly from a Mustang GT350. It is 5.2 liters and 580 hp! Thanks to the home exhaust smoke, you can say that it can sing, but it doesn’t sound at all like a muscle drive. As for the interior, it belongs to the GT40. Right-hand driving, an impressive number of speedomers and a gearbox located between the driver and the door. If you want to write a comment, we love it! And what do you think?

Watch this awesome Ford GT40 video below:

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