VIDEO – On a motorcycle, he tries to “break the check” SUV, bad idea!

VIDEO – On a motorcycle, he tries to “break the check” SUV, bad idea!

Anger can lead to doing really stupid things. This is valid for all areas and especially for cars. Or rather on the road, because in this video, not a car, but two wheels that have been seen.

When the clip starts, the bike quickly falls between the photographer, in the SUV, and the second car to his right. He then moves in a clear line, but instead of continuing his journey, he gets back in the SUV and starts the stupid maneuver.

Big brakes on the front of the 4×4! Why? We really don’t know, but it looks a lot like a brake inspectionequivalent to hitting the car hard in front of the car to anger its driver.

A battle lost early

We don’t repeat it enough, though on a motorcycle being double alert is absolutely essential. We are more vulnerable and a small collision can lead to death.

Wanting to play smart with the SUV was therefore not the best way to solve the mess. And if the cyclist intended to make his insurance work, bad luck for him, we can clearly see in the picture that he is wrong.

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