VIDEO – Hear the smallest rotating engine screaming

Toyan, a company that manufactures small-scale running engines, has developed what is believed to be the smallest circular engine in the world. Despite its small size, a 0.0024-liter engine can cry.

It sounds almost like the Mazda 787B. Or almost! Purchased by YouTube’s Warped Perception channel, the small Wankel engine was tested. But making it work turns out to be no small task. As the channel shows in the video description, it is very difficult to maintain the stiffness required for the engine to work properly when it is very small. Although the test is interesting that the rotating engine is working, it takes a lot of effort to get started. For the beginner of electronics, it takes a lot of experimentation to set it up, and then several try to make it run for more than a second or two. But patience pays off in the end! When the pulse is exposed, the engine runs long enough to test the engine rpm.

This small engine can operate for as long as 30,000 rpm. In fact, it was able to run long enough to melt the wire that holds the spark plug. And despite its small size, the motor has enough sound to cause a ringing in the ears of the presenter of this video.

Small but brave

Estimated at 0.7 horsepower, the engine is quite powerful. Although it has a size of only 0.18% of the Mazda 13B cycle engine, it produces 0.5% of its power. This suggests that if it were the size of an actual RX7 engine, it would provide 2.7 times more power.

However, adjustments will be made to this small engine to get more power and reliability. It will also be presented in future videos of the relevant Youtube channel. If you want one, you can order it for “only” for $ 499.