VIDEO – Confused with big cars and his Ford Ranger

A new insane video has hit social media. The driver of this Ford Ranger wanted to hurt the big cars around him.

Driving a nervous drive can be dangerous. Sometimes it can be as innocent as it is ridiculous, but with bad consequences. As for this Ford Ranger fighter driver, he appeared to be trying to destroy no less than three large vehicles. The video begins as Ranger tries to hit the Nissan GT-R on his left side, but the Japanese driver fortunately managed to avoid it by moving to the side of the road. Once placed on the left lane, the Ranger driver then tried to hit another GT-R on the other side.

Fortunately again, the driver of this GT-R had ample space to hide behind the car on his right. However, the Ranger driver’s annoyance did not end there, as the next was the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in front of him. He sped off and despite all the efforts of the Lamborghini driver trying to pull over to the side of the road, the driver of the Ford pick-up hit him straight in the side. The result of this action: a whole group of trucks, probably in a convoy with a damaged car, stopped on the road.

Video is very important?

The video does not show us what happened before the incident, but even if the owners of the trucks did something to annoy the Ranger driver, that does not explain his action. Regardless of the value of the cars to which he or she is running, his or her disrespectful conduct deserves severe punishment. According to an Instagram post, the Ranger driver was drunk, but nothing has been confirmed yet. We hope these pictures will help you to scold him.