victory is ‘hope in vain’ for Toto Wolff

victory is ‘hope in vain’ for Toto Wolff

Credit: Mercedes boss Toto Wolff (Image: F1)

With Mercedes facing a bad period since the start of the championship, no one expected that George Russell would achieve the first position of his career in formula 1 (F1) in Budapest.

In a bad situation with their drivers, the battle seemed to be between the Red Bull Racing and the Ferrari drivers. After problems in Max Verstappen’s team, victory seemed obvious to the Italian brand, however, Russell ‘on the way’, beating Carlos Sainz.

The performance sparked speculation about Mercedes’ potential and many speculated whether the brand was once again as fast as its peers. For the team director, Toto Wolff, the answer is clear: no.

Do you like Ferrari and RBR?

The boss of the Mercedes team considers that a possible victory for the brand in this championship is an ‘absurd hope’. Wolff points out that the brand is still not in the same league as Ferrari and RBR.

“In my personal opinion, we are still lacking from the leaders.” You have already seen that Leclerc on the right tire is still a great force. But at least we were in the same race.”

mercedes no win

This season was different especially because it was judged fifth and sixth place even without conflict or problems in the team. For Wolff, nothing special will happen in this second half of the season.

“I don’t want to say now, all of a sudden, that we are good in the game and we can win the race because I don’t think so,” he said.

For Wolff, the gap to Red Bull and Ferrari is now too big to think for sure about a race win.