Victim of the problem, the lorry sets fire to the A40

Victim of the problem, the lorry sets fire to the A40

Suffering from a rear axle problem, the lorry started several fires starting this Thursday, August 11 in the morning on the A40. Firefighters intervened.

It was at 6:15 am this Thursday, August 11 in the morning, when the Ain firefighters received several notifications. In the question, The fire starts on the side of the A40 road. This is between the junctions of the A40, A42 and the Col de Ceignes.

In the nature of this warning, one or more arsonists? Nope. The criminal weighed several tons, had wheels and was just traveling on this part of the highway. It was true of a heavy goods vehicle, the victim of a fault in its rear axle. This piece was posted too many sparks, due to a technical problem.

A feature that, along with dryness and ambient heat, has burnt vegetation on the side of the road. Firefighters intervened forcefully, around 20 members being mobilized, to control these outbreaks. They then stayed there for a long time, to prevent any uncontrolled fire, report Progress.

When the traffic lights stop the car traffic

A device that prevents the spread of fire. That event did not happen no injuries and did not disrupt traffic. This is not the case with the incident that happened yesterday on the A63 road. Smoke from the nearby fire has actually spread towards the main road involved. Faced with a lack of visibility, a decision was made to interrupt traffic. For several hours, a diversion was put in place. Fortunately, there was no accident.

The incident that happened on August 11 on the A40 is reminiscent of the one in Teste-de-Buch. An oil car that had a mechanical problem had it to catch fire in the forest. This had caused a huge fire, difficult to control.

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