VFLY N100 Max: a new Chinese electric scooter

VFLY N100 Max: a new Chinese electric scooter

The first model from the VLFY brand, the N100 Max was developed in partnership with Porsche Design.

Despite the locks that cripple a large part of the economy, Chinese developers continue to innovate. A new brand from the Yadea group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric scooters, VFLY has just released a curtain on the N100, its first ever model.

Natural electric scooter designed by Porsche

At a time when all motorcycles are (alike) the same, the young manufacturer has teamed up with Porsche Design teams to come out on top. Without changing the type, the lines are modern and minimal.

On the technical side, it will be important to be satisfied with the minimal information provided by the manufacturer. Attached to the rear wheel, the VFLY N100 Max electric motor accumulates 65 Nm of torque. Power and high speed are unknown. If the size and name appear to predict the machine specified in the unit of 125 electric scooters, the presence of a pedal, which should support the engine, leaves no doubt. Especially since the battery size is not huge: 1.2 kWh (48V – 25 Ah)!

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If VFLY could rely on Yadea’s presence in Europe to sell her motorcycle on the Old Continent, the arrival of the N100 was probably not planned immediately. At this point, the brand has not yet released any information on the price and launch of the model in China.

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On the hardware side, the VFLY electric scooter receives LED lighting and a large color touch screen that provides access to a variety of functions, including navigation.

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