Vettel regrets Aston Martin’s secret crisis, says he tried to ‘prevent damage’

Vettel regrets Aston Martin’s secret crisis, says he tried to ‘prevent damage’

Sebastian Vettel on the track before the engine went away

Photo: Aston Martin / Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel’s 2022 season is going to be incredible. And that’s because the four-time world champion was on the race for just 45 minutes, all in the early hours of this Friday (8), during FP1 of the Australian GP. Vettel had withdrawn from the first two races after contracting Covid-19 and now suffered an engine failure during the first practice and did not even take part in the second. He couldn’t even figure out what the problem was.

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Vettel really wanted to tell the press what happened, right after the end of FP2, but he was stopped by the press office.

“Can we say what happened?” he asked. An Aston Martin spokesperson replied: “Power unit problem.” Vettel ended the interaction by resuming. “Then no,” he said, laughing.

Sebastian Vettel tried to blow the engine smoke

Sebastian Vettel tried to blow the engine smoke

Photo: Parenting / Grand Prix

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It remained to explain, then, what happened from the point of view of the pilot. Vettel, as he has done on other occasions, quickly went to get a fire extinguisher to try to clear the smoke. According to him, efforts to control the damage to the car.

“We had a problem where smoke appeared, I ended up losing power and having to stop the car on the track, I tried to minimize the damage and leave as soon as possible. , and we cost the afternoon session,” he said.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a car. The track here is different, so it will be great to do more laps,” he continued.

“The balance of the car was good. It was good to be back in the cockpit and more or less on track when we were in Bahrain. [nos testes coletivos]. Some parts of the car have changed and a lot of work has been done since then, but it’s a different track too. I was getting back into the rhythm and getting used to the track and the track”, he concluded. Aston Martin, in any case, had to change the engine of car #5.

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