Vettel asks Aston Martin to “design something good” at Monza – Formula 1 News

Vettel asks Aston Martin to “design something good” at Monza – Formula 1 News


Friday’s (9) free practice at Monza has already set the tone for the rest of Aston Martin’s weekend. At least, that’s what Sebastian Vettel said – who predicts problems for the team on Saturday as well as Sunday.

Vettel, it is worth remembering, only competed in FP2 for the Italian Doctor – Nyck de Vries took his place in the first session of the day. The four-time world champion finished his only appearance at Monza on Friday in 17th place.

“It will be a difficult weekend for us, the car is difficult to drive. But this is not the first time this has happened this year (laughs). We’ll see, but I think we can change, yes. I only had an afternoon to drive, but now we have a night to analyze everything and – hopefully – come up with something good for the rest of the weekend,” said Vettel.

The German driver also spoke about Aston Martin’s setup for the Italian GP conflict – the Silverstone team is betting on a small wing configuration, due to high speed and low power, to reduce the effects of vacuum and wing. mobile.

In addition, Vettel also analyzed the chances of the Silverstone team in qualifying. Saturday’s show is, by far, Aston Martin’s ‘Achilles’ for the 2022 season. formula 1.

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“Normal (hit) for Monza, but we need to find the right ‘middle’. We need to improve the lap speed, the laps I had were not very good. From a driving point of view, I understood the car better at the end. In terms of accuracy, we can improve as well. I hope we’re in a better place tomorrow. Everyone else is going to do it, but we have to be among the ones who enjoy it the most.”

“We are competing in Q1, that’s for sure (laughs). It will be difficult, the squad is very close. We are not that strong so we need to get more performance compared to the teams in front of us.”

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